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(See related story in K-9 Final Tour Of Duty)

A busy day following a violent night for police in Addison and Rutland counties in Vermont.

The wild story started Tuesday night with a road rage incident in Brandon, followed by a shooting in Leicester, then a chase in Rutland, from there-- a carjacking in Mendon, and it finally ended Wednesday morning in Fair Haven.
The police are still trying to sort out the details about how all of this started. But they do know that when it ended-- one man was shot, a police dog had been killed, 3 people had been carjacked, and 4 suspects had been captured.
It all began around 10 p.m. Tuesday with a complaint about a road rage incident in Brandon, followed minutes later by a reported shooting at a nearby home in Leicester.
Police arrived to find homeowner Richard Carroll shot in the leg-- not seriously. He told police somebody in a Cadillac Escalade SUV hit his car and then shot him-- but the story wasn't making any sense.
"There are some indications this could be drug-related," Vt. State Police Det. Albert Abdelnour said.
The Escalade was spotted in Pittsford and state police gave chase. The Escalade avoided a tire spike strip placed on Route 7 deployed by Rutland City Officer Frank Post. But one of the state police cruisers accidentally hit and killed Post's K9 King Luther.
"Just how loving he was, what a good friend he was to me and my family, and how good he was with all the people of the city and kids. And he never really batted a harmful eye to anyone unless they were trying to hurt myself or somebody else," Post said.
Police then briefly lost track of the Escalade-- until they learned it had been abandoned in Mendon and the suspects carjacked another vehicle.
"A security guard on his way to Killington was stopped, flagged down, by two people. They advised that they had been carjacked, that numerous black males had assaulted them, stolen their car, and left the white Escalade behind," Abdelnour said.
The chase ended minutes later on Route 4 in Fair Haven, when police spotted the stolen Chevy and successfully deployed tire spikes. The car went off the road.
Two of the suspects; Rahe Autry, 22, and George Gaston, 23, were still in the car. Hasan Hickey, 19, and Mark Hunter, 21, fled but were captured nearby.
Wednesday, the four Waterbury, Conn., men pled innocent to varied charges including assault and robbery and charges related to the high-speed chase. Three of the four have criminal records, including federal drug convictions.
They were each ordered held on bail set at $500,000.
Authorities say charges related to the shooting of Richard Carroll in Addison County could also be filed later. Police say Carroll is not fully cooperating with them, and they are still trying to determine how and why this all started.
The federal prosecutor says he is looking at the possibility of filing a carjacking charge, which under federal law carries a potential life sentence.
Brian Joyce - WCAX News

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Federal charges issue in Vt. carjacking

Associated Press - August 31, 2008 7:24 PM ET

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - Four Connecticut men face federal carjacking charges in connection with a police chase that began when a Leicester man was shot and included the death of a police dog struck by a state cruiser.
A criminal complaint was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Burlington against 21-year-old Rahe Autry, 23-year-old George Gaston, 19-year-old Hasan Hickey, and 21-year-old Mark Hunter, of Waterbury, Conn.
Authorities say they used force in stealing a Chevrolet Cavalier from a group of people in Mendon during a police pursuit that began after a Leicester man, 45-year-old Richard Carroll was shot in the leg. He was treated for his wound and released from the hospital.
Police were alerted to look for a white sport utility vehicle, which was spotted in Pittsford.
A short time later a carjacking was reported in Mendon. Three people said they were assaulted by men in the SUV, at least 1 of whom was brandishing a knife. The suspects then got into the stolen vehicle and continued to flee.
The four men eventually were arrested in Castleton after hitting a police spike strip and crashing the Cavalier into guardrails along U.S. Route 4.

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Carjacking charges dropped in police pursuit

Associated Press - September 24, 2008 7:54 AM ET

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - Federal prosecutors in Vermont have dropped carjacking charges against four Connecticut men in connection with a police chase that began when a man was shot and included the death of a police dog struck by a state cruiser.
Authorities say the four men used force in stealing a car from a group of people in Mendon, Vermont, during the Aug. 19 police pursuit through Addison and Rutland counties.
Rahe Autry, 21; George Gaston, 23; Hasan Hickey, 19; and Mark Hunter, 21, of Waterbury, Conn., were arrested in Castleton after hitting a police spike strip and crashing the vehicle into guardrails.
Prosecutors have dropped the federal carjacking charges, saying the case is more appropriate for the state court system.
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