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October 10, 2008
FULLERTON -- The estranged wife of an Orange County teacher and her boyfriend will stand trial for allegedly trying to frame the woman's husband on drugs and weapons charges.
Devon Eileen Abbott, 33, of Mira Loma, and Soloman Brian Silver, 42, of Portland, Maine, are charged with conspiracy to falsely charge a crime, false imprisonment by fraud, conspiracy to falsely report a crime, and transportation of marijuana, said Deputy District Attorney Keith Bogardus.
Abbot and Silver are accused of planting a shotgun and drugs in a vehicle parked on a high school campus to get the woman's estranged husband arrested.
Silver was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. A felony charge of vehicle burglary was dropped at the prosecution's request.
Abbott, who is free on bail, and Silver, who remains jailed, are set for arraignment on Oct. 22, Bogardus said. They face six years and eight months in prison, if convicted, Bogardus said.
The two were arrested last June after police began to suspect that Abbott's estranged husband, Gregory Abbott, 31, of Placentia, was the victim of a set-up.
The Sunny Hills High School teacher was arrested May 27 after authorities received a tip that he had sold drugs, and police found an unloaded shotgun, prescription pills and marijuana in his vehicle parked at the school.
But two days after his arrest, police said they suspected his estranged wife and her boyfriend had set him up.
Bogardus said that before Gregory Abbott was arrested, he had tried to get a judge to stop his estranged wife from taking their children to live in Maine.
Abbott claimed his estranged wife and her boyfriend then tried to get him arrested so they could get custody and live in Maine.
While announcing that Gregory Abbott would be released without any charges being filed, police said his "overwhelming claims of innocence felt plausible."
The criminal complaint alleges that between May 15 and May 27, Devon Abbott and Silver conspired to place a shotgun, marijuana and prescription pills in the trunk of Gregory Abbott's car and file false police reports with the intention of having the teacher arrested for crimes he did not commit.
The two allegedly exchanged several text messages in which Devon Abbott provided Silver with the location of the teacher's car, his parents' home and his whereabouts, said Farrah Emami of the Orange County District Attorney's Office.
About the time that Abbott was arrested, Silver and Devon Abbott allegedly texted, "YES ITS GONNA HAPPEN!" and "WE (expletive) GOT HIM!" Emami alleged.
Gregory Abbott left teaching after the incident, but officials say he would return to the classroom this fall.
Sunny Hills High has consistently ranked as one of the nation's top high schools, and Abbott has taught history there for seven years.
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