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Why are so many judges stupid?

Discussion in 'Court Procedure' started by Kilvinsky, May 28, 2012.

  1. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    That's my 'ask a cop' question under Court Procedure. Anyone have an answer?
  2. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    Many if these judges are the same hippies that got tear gassed and chased around in the 60's and this is their revenge. I don't think it's a case of them being stupid, it's even more disturbing than that.
  3. cj3441

    cj3441 MassCops Member

    They aren't stupid. They simply use their position of power to impose their liberal ideology upon the court system. This is most commonly referred to as "legislating from the bench" The stupid people are the voters of massachusetts who continue to put the liberal democrats in power who nominate these judges. I know some liberal people and when they ask me whats wrong with this state i tell them to look in the mirror.
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  4. MaDuce

    MaDuce MassCops Member

    Lets use math to solve this question.
    Liberal = Stupid
    Judges = Liberial

    Therefore according to my calculations Judges = Stupid.
  5. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    1. No accountability
    2. No clue as to reality
    3. Lifetime gig

    Obviously the governor's council fall under those items also...
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  6. Harley387

    Harley387 MassCops Member

    Deuce summed it up perfectly.
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  7. OCKS

    OCKS Guest

    If they were good they would defense lawers making lots of money.,
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  8. Foxy85

    Foxy85 MassCops Member

    Half the people in this state don't even know what "Governor's Council" is. When its on the balot, no one cares. Those that do, vote (D) blindly. I blame the "Council" for putting liberl tards in power. Though there is one in the Council now that if put on, will be a force to be reckoned with on the bench.
  9. Herrdoktor

    Herrdoktor MassCops Member

    This and only this imo.

    We can piss, bitch and moan about shitty judges, but it all comes down to the fact that they are pretty much immune to their poor decisions.
  10. 263FPD

    263FPD MassCops Angel

    I know plenty of good judges. I know way more lousy ones. I don't know if stupid, is an accurate way to describe them. Clueless, is probably better.

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  11. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    I've been lucky enough to be before some GOOD ones but seem to be in front of the liberals more than not. I haven't been to court in a long time (the one pending case was plead out and we didn't end up going) but it's something that ALWAYS is in the back of my mind.

    Fantastic answers here. Thanks all!
  12. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I have the feeling that if judges were elected or there was a way for voters to remove them, they'd get a lot smarter in a damned hurry.
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  13. Jeepy

    Jeepy Guest

    I used to live in a state where they were elected and they certainly paid a lot of attention to what they did on the bench, knowing that they had to earn their keep in the next election.
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  14. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    They are elected here in FL and they are forced to live by their ideology. Just like any other public official, they answer to the people who elect them, which is who they should answer too. If they become activists once they reach the bench, we the people can fire them, which is how it should be. Appointed for life is and has always been a poor policy...
  15. This judge could have wrapped up the entire Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky issue in 20 minutes plus commercial.
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  16. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    Judicial Immunity! [spoken in arrogant South African accent]

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  17. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    RWL, no question, Judge Judy don't take no shit! I never really watch her, or any other judge shows (Jerry Springer with better referees) but when I have watched, she's no nonsense and often RIGHT.
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