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Whitman selectmen to choose new deputy police chief Written by Adam Swift Thu, Sep 25, 2008 11:53 On Tuesday night, selectmen are expected to interview candidates for Deputy Police Chief, a position that has gone unfilled in the department for the past three years.
Detective Sergeant Timothy Hanlon and Sergeant Scott Benton are the two finalists for the position, having passed a recent civil service examination.
Timothy Hanlon

Hanlon was also a finalist for the police chief position last year. In October, selectmen appointed Christine May-Stafford as the department's new chief.
The deputy police chief position has gone unfilled because of the initial search for a new chief and because of a change in the civil service testing procedures, according to Town Administrator Frank Lynam.
"The decision has always been there to fill the position, but we had to find a chief first," said Lynam. "Because of the testing with the civil service, we had to wait. The test went from every year to every other year."
At Tuesday night's meeting, selectmen are scheduled to interview Hanlon and Benton and to appoint a new deputy chief, Lynam said.
The deputy chief will help with the day-to-day management of the police department and help the department run smoother, Lynam said.
When may was sworn in as the new chief in October, selectmen took steps towards filling the deputy chief position by unanimously voting to call for an assessment center with the approval of civil service.
At the time, May said she approved of the assessment center process and did not request an interim deputy chief, saying that she would need the first few months to get used to her new position.

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