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What's the "special message for group two"

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Up at the top and how do I get to read my special message.
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SOT_II said:
Up at the top and how do I get to read my special message.
LOL typo in the code. I was playing with the ads so that registered users do not get popups or popunders only guests will get those. Also the banner that shows in the middle of the post sometime will be a more eye appealing Google ad instead of the usual anoying banners for registered users.
Koz where are you seeing that anyway???
KozmoKramer said:
I was seeing it right under my browser toolbar. Seems to be gone now though.
Thought I was some-kind-a-special too SOT…
LOL oh ok I figured it out, Still messing with the code to ger rid of the banners on some other pages like posting a reply and user cp etc... I found out that I was in violation of some of the ad companies TOS agreements and really should only be displaying the ads on content pages.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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