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what serial killer are you?

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What serial killer are you?

Congratulations, if you were a serial killer you would be...
The Zodiac Killer
Over the course of almost 9 years in the 1970s the Zodiac Killer took the lives of over 13 people, either stabbing or shooting them to death in or by their vehicles. All the targets were the same, couples in cars off rural roads.

Taunting cops the Zodiac Killer would send in encrypted messages to the local papers, describing how his past victims had died, and who would come next if they didn't post his message on the cover of the newspaper the following day. The only surviving witness described the zodiac killer as a heavy set man in a self fashioned hooded jacked that covered his face, brandishing a crossed circle that he always signed his letters with.

After 1978 the killings stopped, the Zodiac's case was never solved.

kill count: 13
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