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Hey Boys & Girls.

List Your Top-!0 List of Favorite Television Shows.

Mine Are:
1. Seinfeld (After All, I am Kozmo Kramer - "The Assman...")
2. The Odd Couple (I'm as fastidious as Felix, but Grounded like Oscar...)
3. The Honeymooners (This Could be Real Life For Me and My Bride.)
4. Sanford & Son (How'd You Like One Across Your Lip?)
5. All In The Family. (You're all a bunch of Pinko, Commie, Preverts...)
6. Cheers (Norm!)
7. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. (Phyllis was Hot Back Then...)
8. Taxi (Louie DePalma is a God,)
9. The Dick Van **** Show. (How did they make Richie from Separate Beds?)
10. SNL Prior to 1996. (Will Ferrel and Darrel Hammond Excluded - they have All sucked since then.)

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Cheers ... ( norm and carla )

Taxi .... ( Louie lol god i love him )

Mash .... ( Klinger )

Becker ... ( i wish my doctor was sarcastic like him )

Frasier ... ( the dog )

Married with children... ( Al Bundy omg what a nob lol and his wife with the
beehive hair it was so awful i had to watch it )

Men behaving badly ... ( english comedy show about 2 men ..their women
beer and how crude they can get )

Father Ted... ( english comedy )

Drop the dead donkey... ( English comedy set around a news station )

Only fools and horses ... ( english cockney comedy )

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In no specific order...

1. MacGuyver (come on now, a guy who can stop a nuke plant from melting down with a pen, rubber band, two paperclips and a wad of chewing gum)

2. NYPD Blue

3. M*A*S*H

4. All In The Family (Would it make you feel better, little girl, if theys were push'd outta windows?)

5. Nowhere Man

6. Law and Order

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No order. A bit more than the 10.

Trains Unlimted.........used to be a show on the History Channel.
The Simpsons
Married with Children. As I have gotten older, I get more of the jokes.
Family guy
Modern Marvels........On the History Channel.
Monster Garage.
American Chopper......older episodes.
All in the Family
Mad TV (Yet I cant stand SNL)
South Park
Good Eats, on the Food Network.

And even though they wernt made for TV.....but have been shown on TV...........THE THREE STOOGES!
A true testiment to there comedy is that almost 70 years later they still crack people up. A shame the lived the way they did.

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Knight Rider


Dukes of Hazzard

Baywatch (aka: Babewatch)

Mr. Bean

Stargate SG-1

All in the family

COPS - (The best way to learn what NOT to do on the job.)

LAPD: Life on the beat - (Now thats some scary shi#! - Awesome)

Tour of Duty

Lemme take a selfie
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1. Entourage... by far the best show on TV right now...
2. Knight Rider... who doesn't love a talking '82 trans am?
3. The A-Team... when Mr. T was still a super hard-ass.
4. The Dukes of Hazzard... when running from the police wouldn't get you in trouble.
5. Cops... longest running reality TV show ever...
6. South Park

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How about these:

1. NYPD Blue

2. Hill Street Blues

3. Have Gun Will Travel

4. Tour of Duty

5. China Beach

6. Gunsmoke

7. Star Trek (each generation of shows)

8. Homicide Life on the Street

9. Frasier

10. Cheers

After re-reading this list, I seem to be dwelling in the past! Then again what's wrong with that when you compare these shows against the ones on t.v. now.

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In no particular order:


Law and Order S.V.U.


Cold case files

Forensic files

In the heat of the night

The Simpson’s

The A-Team


FBI stories

And I am sure there is more but it’s late.

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My favorite shows are all early 90's to present. I guess I'm not as experienced (COUGH "old") as some others on this forum. I'm just joking.

The Shield
Family Guy
Home Improvement
King of the Hill
American Choppers
Rescue Me
Over There (it's starting to grow on me)

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Webster - I forgot all about Barney Miller. Good pick!

That was one funny show. It was also one of those shows that offered a personal side to the characters you find engaging. I wish it would come back on TVLand. Being a night-owl, its tough sometimes to find something light to have on in the background.
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