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What a dumb ass

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Tewksbury Police, lowell District Court, the Commonwealth Of Mass purposely made me run around messed up my paper work falsely leading people corruption Lowell Massachusetts *UPDATE ..i could not pay in jail and the court cost

Commonweath , Lowell District Court, Tewks Police
Hurd St
Lowell Massachusetts
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i was in a car with 4 other people that was pulled over i guess because a plate light was out and there was dice in the mirror obstructing view. we were driving down 128 i believe near the mobile station in Tewksbury when suddenly i noticed some jerk high beaming us i said what a asshole who is this nobody said much then i noticed a spotlight on us then the blues oh no a cop so he pulls us over asks the driver to step out tells him that his dice is illegal cause it obstructing his view the driver says i didn't know. then he says well your plate light is out also.

he then took the drivers license and came back and told the driver to step out said do you got any drugs on you searched him and then asked the passenger if he had smoked any pot and he said a little earlier that day then they pulled all of us out of the car and searched us and the car without the drivers permission then they said you got anything in the trunk he said no they said can we look he said yeah cause they were gonna anyway they searched the front again and found some pot in the front door and then the bigger bag under the back seat.

they found nothing on me not even a lighter none of the pot was next to me and i was wearing my seatbelt. they did not read me my rights and asked where i was from like they ment what country i said usa they said born and raised i said yeah. sounds Racist to me. i had no pot on me none was found near me i didn't know it was there and i didn't own the car. when i went to court 3 times later this lousy lawyer so he seemed was like you don't wanna take this to trial but we can all's the cop has to say is he smelled it then your screwed so i had to plea. then i was arrested for something else a warrant then they held me i was in jail for like 30 days i was gonna bail out then they at the jail said i had a warrant out of Lowell the people were like for what poss of class d they where like he already went to court for that.

they said whatever u need 300 more dollars which they didn't have. so the people had to run 45 minutes away to get the 300. then the paper says i need to appear in Lowell on tuesday i bailed out on saturday and monday was a holiday i didn't even have time to contact my lousy lawyer even if i left him a message which i did he probably wouldn't get it till tuesday morning and i had court that day at 9 and he probably had other cases somewhere else so i would have been screwed.

anyways he was there and he found out the warrant was because of unpaid legal fees' court costs. which i was never told i had to pay my lawyer never told my parents about this and he spoke to them. plus i was in jail so i could not pay them.

why didn't the jail send me to take care of the warrant after it was issued. anyways i went to court on a tuesday the 12th i told them the reason i didn't pay was because i was in jail so my lawyer told the court about the bail i had to pay 300 dollars the judge looked and said we don't have it. my lawyer said he had to go but he talked to the court i should be all set they should be able to transfer the bail to the court costs that my parents or whoever didn't need to go get it.

i waited all day my lawyer left at about 2pm i was by myself they called me and said you have to come back so we can make sure there paid. my lawyer said you should be all set when i clearly was not once again my lawyer was gone and didn't know i had to go back and i could not reach him and he most likely couldn't be there cause he had a case somewhere else.

i showed the judge my blue bail paper so he could clearly see what happened the bail was for the court costs. once again screwed by the commonwealth and i did 30 days in jail that should have covered the fees 2 times over. i guess its just another way they suck an extra $40 out of ya so the 250 becomes 300 plus the $40 default removal fee.

i was in jail i had no choice but to default morons stop falsely leading people the bail is the fees duh the commonwealth with little common sense. i wouldn't mined suing this state if i could afford a fair lawyer

Lowell, Massachusetts
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:shock: not much to say to that. I guess the title of the post sums it up nicely.... What A Dumb Ass!
Want to know something amazing?
Although the lad's syntax and grammatical structure is abysmal, there really weren't that many spelling errors in this dingbat's hodgepodge of written debris.
That is outside of several capitalization & abbreviation oversights. (Commonweath, ment, anyways)

Just goes to show you; English, as a second language for native-born Americans is very unappealing.

Now, I gots to go plays my eye pod.

BTW: Since when does rt. 128 run through Tewksbury? I lived there 30 years and all I can remember is 38, 93, 495, and 133…
I would hope he's not a CJ major, that means that he is in school and should be able to form legable sentences. I can't even make sense of anything besides he was arrested and stayed in jail for 30 days?

Even if he couldn't afford a "fair" lawyer, he can afford a PD, which is sometimes just as fair as a "real" lawyer. about next time he doesn't hang out with pot heads?
well thanks, I b's more dummmbberr four reding dat post. i tink i did loose 10 Iq's points afta dat.
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