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A Salt Lake, Utah man told troopers he "came out to volunteer and help" when he was arrested for impersonating a police officer Sunday. The man, 20, was wearing police attire and had flex-cuffs, guns, flashlights and a reflective vest in his truck when he was stopped for having red lights on the front of his pickup, said Utah Highway Patrol trooper Cameron Roden.
A trooper first noticed a pickup truck with amber lights and another vehicle pulled over on the side of I-15 near 2100 South. The trooper kept driving, believing the truck belonged to a Department of Transportation worker, but stopped and waited for the truck to get back on the road when he noticed the red lights.
The driver told police he was assisting another motorist on the side of the road, but investigators were not able to make contact with the driver of that vehicle.
"We don't know if he made a traffic stop on that car," Roden said. "But he did have the appearance of an officer. He told the troopers that he came out to volunteer and help."
The man was arrested for investigation of impersonating an officer and making a non-emergency stop on the freeway.
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