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WEYMOUTH, Mass. -- A Weymouth woman is facing an attempted murder charge after she allegedly struck a police officer with her car.

Police say Anna Gitlin was driving on Route 18 in Weymouth this morning when she ignored the orders of an officer who was directing traffic around an accident scene.

Police say the officer, Steven Shanlo, was hit by Gitlin's car. He was taken to South Shore Hospital where he was treated for bumps and bruises and later released.

Gitlin faces arraignment today on charges that include assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failure to obey the directions of a police officer and disorderly conduct. (AP)

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Well, I heard that it happened AFTER she had an altercation with the PO outside her vehicle. She stopped, got out, and yelled at him to let her through so she got get onto 128. He refused. She got back in the car and tried to drive through the scene. That's when the PO stood in front of the vehicle and motioned her to stop. She apparently lurched forward to scare him, then stopped and waited a few seconds before hitting the gas and driving about 40 feet with the PO on her hood.
Thankfully, he walked out of the hospital.
I can't imagine how the charges (most of them at least) won't stick, but you never know with our courts. :roll:


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Here's the article from Boston Globe:

What's the Russia?: Immigrant driver strikes cop at roadblock

by Jessica Heslam and Jennifer Rosinski
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

A foul-mouthed Russian immigrant late for work unleashed her rush-hour road rage yesterday morning when she bypassed a blocked street and plowed into the Weymouth police officer who tried to stop her, authorities said.

``She just floored it and I was knocked on the hood of her car,'' said officer Steven Shalno, the target of her roadway tantrum on Route 18 in Weymouth. ``I was looking her right in the eye and I was telling her to stop.''

Police and witnesses said Anna Gitlin, 25, tried to run down Shalno on her way to work after being stuck in traffic for more than an hour.

Authorities said Gitlin was forced to stop her Toyota Corolla when an 18-wheeler pulled up and blocked her path. An off-duty Boston cop and the truck driver helped the injured cop and pulled the keys out of her ignition.

``If the truck hadn't showed up, she would have driven away while dragging him. She didn't care about the cop,'' said gas station employee Summit Loungani.

``I should send him a fruit basket,'' Shalno, who feared being crushed by the truck, said of the quick-thinking driver.

The violent rampage began to unfold about 8:45 a.m. when an ``agitated'' Gitlin pulled up to Shalno at a detour set up after an earlier accident involving a garbage truck.

Gitlin, a software engineer at Meditech in Canton, jumped out of her car and demanded to drive through because she was late, according to Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Debi Payton. Shalno told her the road was closed because of an accident that sent a person to the hospital.

``I don't care who (expletive) died. I'm more important,'' Gitlin twice screamed in broken English, according to Shalno.

Shalno, 34, gave her detoured directions to the highway, but the yelling and cussing Gitlin hopped back into her car and said she was going through the roadblock, according to the report.

``She became very disruptive and swore and insisted that she should go through,'' Shalno said from his bed last night. ``She just thought she was really special. She was nasty right from the get go.''

The officer asked for her license and registration but Gitlin shifted into gear. Shalno tried to stop her but got his hand wedged in her window when she shut it on him, authorities said.

The officer got loose and stood in front of her vehicle. Gitlin nudged him with her car before she accelerated and shoved him out of the way, authorities said.

Witnesses watched in amazement as Gitlin sped through a gas station and pulled up to a red light at Middle and Main streets. Shalno ran over and stood before her car a second time with his hands up, police said.

Gitlin ignored his pleas to stop and squared off with the officer, bumping him several times with her car before stomping on the gas, authorities said.

``Then, all of a sudden, she lunged forward with her car and pushed him up on the hood. The cop stayed on the hood and she drove into the middle of the intersection, about 20 feet,'' said spectator Mark Mezzadri.

Shalno was treated at South Shore Hospital for leg and knee injuries and later was released. Gitlin, of South Weymouth, was charged with attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and other charges.

The petite and perfectly poised Gitlin, the daughter of a piano teaching mother and engineer father, pleaded not guilty at her Quincy District Court arraignment.

But her ladylike demeanor was a far cry from the explosive behavior she allegedly let loose as temperatures climbed yesterday morning.

``She was irate. She was going off on the cop. She was swearing and flailing around,'' said mechanic Dan Cummings.

Shalno said he thought she was either ``spoiled'' or didn't know the laws.

``I've never seen anything like it. She had no respect for authority,'' he said.

Gitlin's attorney, Elliot Levine, said his married, college educated client has no criminal or driving record. She has no psychiatric history, left Russia when she was 10 and owns a condo, Levine said.

Levine disputed the attempted murder charge, saying there were no serious injuries.

Gitlin said nothing as she left the courthouse with her family after posting $5,000 cash bail. She must report to weekly probation pending trial.

``I was mad at the time, but I guess you can't take the job too seriously,'' Shalno said.
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