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Warnings For All Charter Users

By Will Richmond
GateHouse News Service
Posted Oct 23, 2008 @ 01:13 PM

Westport -
Police here are advising residents of an alleged Internet scam in which a fraudulent entity representing themselves as being from Charter Communications is advising them that their customer information is in need of an upgrade.
Westport police have obtained a copy of the e-mail, where the culprit's introduction states "Dear Valued Customer" and continues to say they are trying to protect the customer from fraudulent activity. The culprit proceeds to ask for the person's Charter e-mail account, user name password and date of birth. Subsequently the e-mail states that in the event information is not updated their service will be suspended.
The e-mail ends with the name "Charter Management," however, the e-mail address to respond back is entitled [email protected].
A Charter representative was contacted and confirmed that the solicitation was in fact fraudulent.
Police are asking that anyone with questions about the legitimacy of any similar activity to contact them at 508-636-1122.
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