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Westfield police officer killed in crash

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by LGriffin, Jul 26, 2012.

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    The Hundred Club started many years ago, with members paying dues of $100 per year (hence the name, and it's a LOT more now). The gentleman who started it is still in charge of it (or at least he was as of 5 years ago), and he decides what type of assistance will be given out. If it's a LOD death, the usual is a $100K cash payment, but they also will usually kick in something for a non-LOD death.
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    It might be now, but my understanding is that back when it was formed (1950's), it was $100 per year. My best friend's father is a member, and while he does okay as a funeral director, I doubt he has $100K in disposable income.
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    It's too bad that the 600 plus officers from all over New England who made the trek to Westfield today weren't made aware of this despicable turn of events today. Perhaps we could have made an appearance at City Hall to voice our opposition to their decision.

    This is a very scary precedent to set.
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    I would bet the farm that it will be made right.
  5. lofu

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    I agree but in the meantime his family is dealing with something they certainly shouldn't be made to deal with right now.
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    For whatever it's worth since we're discussing it, the fed's payment for LOD death is now $323,035.75 and it's the surviving spouse/ family that submit the claim to the Department of Justice.
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    Glad to hear it, the last payout for a LOD death I was involved with was many years ago.
  8. LGriffin

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    The family should be all set financially, there was just some foolish talk from the city right out of the gate that created some concern. Given the anti-LE sentiment of the last decade, it didn't seem too far fetched.

    Thanks to all the departments who traveled out the past couple of days, it was an excellent show of support from the brotherhood.
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    Just for the record, the City called this a line of duty death directly from the start and had been working on all the proper paperwork. We have had full support from the mayors office.

    Secondly, I would like to personally thank all the officers that attended the funeral and those who remembered Jose in their thoughts.

    Lastly, I would like to thank the Mass State Police and Westfield State University. Without their assistance, this event would have been impossible for my department to handle.

    Stay safe, kiss your spouse and hug your kids.
    Lt Michael Ugolik Westfield Police Funeral Coordinator
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    I attended the funeral on Tue and I must say, your department did an outstanding job honoring one of their own. From the riflemen to the Sgt. calling cadence, to the "Final Call," WPD represented themselves professionally and with great honor. I'm sorry for your loss Lt.

    As a proud graduate of Westfield State and a former WSC Public Safety employee I must also give a tip of my cap to Westfield State for a job well done under sad circumstances.

    Lastly, as always the MSP did a great job moving people into place and maintaining order in the ranks of officers attending the services. Unfortunately, they have too much practice with these things.
  11. LGriffin

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    I didn't get it there but i'm glad it's all set.

    They've got a couple of nice new bridges in town. It would be nice if one could be named for Jose. I've asked around and apparently they're still up for grabs.

    Westfield pays last respects to fallen police officer Jose Torres

    This community offered its final respects Tuesday to Badge No. 4 that began with funeral services attended by thousands of family, friends, colleagues and ended with a community sponsored community picnic.

    The well-liked and well-respected Jose Torres, a 27 year police veteran decorated twice in his career for heroism died in the line of duty last Thursday.

    More than 700 colleagues including state and local police from as far away as Vermont and Rhode Island and numerous Fire Departments served as honor guards along with Westfield’s American Legion Post 124 Honor Guard. Torres, 53, was an Army veteran.

    “It’s a brotherhood and we are here to honor a brother officer,” said Stephen O’Brien, chief of police in Lenox.

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    Jay Torres, son of fallen Westfield police officer Jose Torres, sworn in as Westfield auxiliary police officer

    From the time he was a small boy, Jay Torres knew he wanted to be a police officer, a dream he took the first step toward fulfilling this week when he was sworn in as an auxiliary officer on the department that was home to his father, officer Jose Torres.

    Congratulations, Jay!
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    RIP Officer Torres
  14. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Best of luck Officer Torres in the new chapter you're starting. You'll find this to be, as one well respected member of this little family once put it, so eloquently, it's the worst job you'll NEVER quit. Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games.
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