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Wellfleet Police - Reserve Police Officer (Summer)

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by AUXCAPT, Jan 6, 2021.


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    The Wellfleet Police department is currently seeking applicants for the position of Reserve Police Officer (summer). The applicant must be able to perform a variety of routine public safety functions, among them the ability to respond to citizen requests, community policing activities and traffic control. This is a seasonal (May-Sept) 40 hour a week position including weekends. The applicant must be a high school graduate, have current CPR/First responder certifications and have completed the MPTC Reserve Police Academy. Must work effectively with people from diverse, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Applications can be obtained at www.wellfleetpd.org and must be returned by Monday February 1, 2021. Any questions, please contact Sergeant Brazile at (508) 349-3702 or [email protected].

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  2. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Just don't get any complaints in your file, you don't want to be "de-certified"
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  3. EUPD377

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    So is reserve academy still going to be a thing or not? I don’t know how some of these beach communities would handle the summer rush without reserves, or afford to send dozens of people to a full academy.

    A friend of mine works for Baystate hospital and was offered a promotion to an SPO position. He accepted it but now the hospital and SPD have pretty much put training and swearing new specials on indefinite hold until they work out if the reserve academy they currently go through will even be accepted anymore.
  4. msw

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    Things have sure changed. I had been an Aux/Special in Belmont for about a year (with no formal Academy training for that, back then) before landing a Summer Special job on the Cape in 1976. Our total Summer Special training was one week, 40 hrs of “in-service” training: two full days of that were spent on the “range”, shooting targets at the town dump; and three more days of stuff I can’t remember. And that was it. Then it was “Here’s your badge (uniforms, gun, leather, etc were all our own personal equipment); there’s the nearest call box; and make sure to get to know the good people and shopkeepers on your (foot) beat, because they are your closest back-up. Adios.” I was 22 years old. Best summer of my life.
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  5. mpd61

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    I hope they burn down the SPOC course for Boston specials....................What a Boondoggle! Didn't the Old Plymouth Academy Director John D invent that one?

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