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Wellesley College

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Anybody on the job at Wellesley College or Wellesley PD that can entertain a few questions about the campus for me?
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Zombie Thread! BTW Mrs K12 and myself have decided to send the youngun' here. Thay made the best offer out of all the schools she applied for!
My wife is from Wellesley and my in-laws still live there. Affluent community with many places for your daughter to shop and eat within walking distance from campus. The only thing I know about the Wellesley College PD is that a couple of years ago their chief had her unmarked cruiser stolen from her driveway with a Ton of equipment and a few badges in it.
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Their going to have to get used to my plaid shorts and black knee socks w/sandles and my beat up SUV.
Just tell them you're a friend of Howie Carr.
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