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We just got carried away, claim pair caught having sex in notorious 'dogging' car park

TWO love cheats were caught having sex in a car park as other people watched.
But Gillian Stalker and John McDougall denied "dogging" and insisted: "We just got carried away."

Stalker and McDougall, both married to other partners, had sex in a car at Irvine beach in Ayrshire then carried on the romp on the ground in the car park.

The Dragon car park is a notorious "dogging" spot and Stalker, 40, was aware of another man watching them from his car.
But she denied police claims that the area was busy with dog walkers and children and said neither she nor McDougall would normally have sex in public.

She said they were responsible people and "not that way inclined".
The shamed couple pleaded guilty at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week to public indecency.
Stalker, a self-employed saleswoman, told the court: "John and myself had engaged in some sexual activity in the car.

"But as there was not much room, and also because it was a nice day, we decided to continue outside and in a public place."
She said she and McDougall did not take much notice of the man watching them "as we were getting a bit carried away, as you do in a situation like that".

Stalker added that she and McDougall were thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed by their "colossal error" in August this year.
Financial adviser McDougall, 48, told the court in a letter: "We got carried away and accept we were in the wrong and are sorry for this."
Sentence was deferred.

Speaking later at home in Irvine, McDougall, who appeared to have suffered an injury near his eye, said: "I'm really sorry it happened but I don't want to talk about it. My wife knows about it."
Stalker refused to comment at her home in nearby Ardrossan.

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Re: We just got carried away, claim pair caught having sex in notorious 'dogging' car

I like how they threw that eye injury observation in there. Frying pan perhaps?

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Re: We just got carried away, claim pair caught having sex in notorious 'dogging' car

He must be a good financial adviser as the sentence was deferred, certainly less than the cost of a room. I would, however, not seek him out for marital advice.
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