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Ware Police crack down on drug dealers

Major sweep nets 30 arrests

By Tim Kane
Staff Writer

WARE ­ An 18-month undercover drug investigation resulted in 30 arrests last
Friday during a major sweep across many portions of town.

Dubbed ³Operation Crack Down,² the investigative team was led by Ware Police
Sgt. Ken Kovich and Officer Shawn Crevier, and involved local and State
Police throughout the region. The probe led Ware Police to obtaining and
executing at least seven search warrants and more than 30 arrest warrants.

[[See next week¹s Ware Arrest Log for all suspects charged and more details
on the case.]]

³This will have a major impact temporarily,² said Ware Police Chief Dennis
Healey. ³Unfortunately, this is a supply and demand situation. This is not
the first time some of these people have been arrested.²

Most of the drugs sold were crack cocaine, Healey said. Other drugs included
heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

The last major drug sweep in Ware was about four years ago. Healey said most
arrests last Friday did not yield large quantities of narcotics, though
several thousand dollars was confiscated at one home. He feels the charges
will stick in court given all the drug dealers were identified using
undercover police officers attempting to make direct purchases from them, or
through direct surveillance.

Healey said many of those arrested could face five or more years in state
prison, if convicted.

Seven search warrants and more than 30 arrests were executed all last Friday
by police from Ware, Hardwick, Belchertown, and Ludlow along with the canine
unit from Monson and the State Police Narcotics Unit. The Hampshire County
Sheriff¹s Department also lent its van for suspect transportation to area

The operation was funded by Ware Police Department¹s Asset Forfeiture Funds,
as well as financial assistance provided through Curtis McKenzie, a State
Police Information Network liaison.

³The guys did a good job,² Healey said.
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