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War hero’s, crewmates’ remains identified by US Defense Dept.

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    May they all rest in peace now.

    By Ellie Oleson CORRESPONDENT

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    AUBURN — The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office said it has identified additional remains of a highly decorated Auburn war hero and three crewmates 38 years after they were shot down during the Vietnam War’s largest rescue mission, and 13 years after they were buried in Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.

    Air Force Tech. Sgt. Allen J. Avery was on his third tour of duty in Vietnam when his rescue helicopter crashed and burned, killing all six aboard on April 6, 1972.

    Larry Greer, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, said the remains of Sgt. Avery and his crewmates have been returned to their families “for burial with full military honors.”

    In 1972, six airmen were flying aboard an “HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant helicopter over Quang Tri Province in South Vietnam when they were hit by enemy ground fire and crashed,” according to a government news release.

    In 1988, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam turned over remains identified as a single serviceman from the crash site, but the remains could not be matched to anyone reported as missing, Mr. Greer said.

    In 1989, 1992 and 1994, American and Vietnamese teams excavated the site and recovered human remains, personal effects and aircraft debris.

    “All six men on the aircraft were accounted for in 1997 and buried as a group at Arlington National Cemetery,” Mr. Greer said.

    War hero's, crewmates' remains identified by US Defense Dept.

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