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Wanted: Police Photos

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This is kind of a strange request, but... I'm working on a digital imaging project and I'm looking for a specific image of a police officer or trooper; a trooper would be preferable, but not necessary. This isn't anything immoral or illigitimate. I've searched everywhere on the internet and haven't even come close to what I need so I figured I'd toss the ball out here and see if any fellow officers have something I can use.

I'm looking for a profile shot of an officer from the shoulder up. It doesn't even have to include his/her face or department patch. I would likely crop out a patch if it's visible. Ideally, I'd like the image to be from the back with the officer looking to his side. That way, the officer has some anonanimity as well as the department. Any good shots of DI's would be appreciated as well.

I know, whacked out idea, but if you're sitting on any hi-res (i.e., large)images of something like this, please email me at
[email protected]

Thanks in advance.
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Trooper David W. Moran wrote a book called "Trooper" which has his picture on the cover. ISBN: 0933341075, 1986 by Quinlan Press.

I recall David telling me it was pure hell to get permission to use the picture on his book.

I no longer have David's contact info . . . I had arranged to have him as our guest speaker at a Police Square Club meeting probably ~15 years ago (he didn't look anything close to the picture I'm looking at right now).

David is a practicing attorney, so you should be able to find him relatively easily. Here's his info from a Google search:

David W. Moran
Firm: Moran & Sweeney
Address: Seaport Landing
Suite 3
152 The Lynnway
Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: (781) 592-5800
Fax: (617) 482-6515
(781) 581-5553

Good luck.
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