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Wall St broker becomes a monk

A Wall Street broker has left Manhattan to become a monk in a Bulgarian

Hristo Mishkov was a broker on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York
until he gave it all up to return to his native Bulgaria, reports the Daily

He now wakes at dawn to attend to a herd of cheese-producing buffalo in
the 12th century Tsurnogorski monastery, 30 miles west of Sofia.

Exchanging designer suits and shoes for a cassock and sandals, Brother
Nikanor believes Wall Street and the City deserve all they get as the
global financial system goes into meltdown.

"It is right to see people who consume more than they deserve shattered
by a financial crisis from time to time, to suffer so that they can become
more reasonable," he said.

The collapse of banks and investment firms was a necessary correction
because they had grown greedy, he said.

"Many people in the world do not realise that they have not earned the
food they eat, that they take without giving," said Mr Mishkov, 32, who
worked for Karoll, one of Bulgaria's leading brokerages.

"But if someone consumes more than they have earned, it means someone
else is starving."

His former colleagues were stunned when he decided to become a monk,
but he had made up his mind to seek spiritual well-being rather than
material wealth.

"Everybody can be a good broker but this does not bring much benefit for
the world," he said.
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