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South Burlington, Vermont - July 24, 2008
Police say a South Burlington woman bought two pricey cars with checks from a closed account.
Police say Beverly Bourgault-Galente, 43, went to Shearer Chevrolet in South Burlington Wednesday and bought a new Corvette for $69,810.60. The dealership found out Thursday the account was closed.
Police caught up with Bourgault-Galente at the Department of Correction's office in Burlington, where they found her standing next to the car with the keys. She was arrested on a charge of False Pretense.
Police added a second charge of False Pretense when they learned Bourgault-Galente allegedly did the same thing at the Automaster in Shelburne. Police say on July 16, she wrote a check for $38,000 to the Automaster from the same closed account for a used BMW. The dealership recovered that car when she brought it in for service.
Bourgault-Galente was released on a citation to appear in court in September.


INSPECTOR'S NOTE: Released on a citation? Other than for a small deposit I've never known an auto dealer to take a personal check for a car. Times for the dealers are really bad. A few up here have either closed down or had their inventories cleared out by the auto makers.

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