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The academy pt when I went was a bit tougher than now. We ran 4 miles twice a week with the other two days being weight training. We also did early morning team building which varied in activities. Also, we constantly did pt through out the day with pushups, situps, etc.... The last week we ran 13 miles on the last running day, to include other pt exercises.

As far as the first three weeks for VSP, be prepared for at least running 4 miles a day if not more, to include all of the pt. Basically, the first three weeks are compared to the first week of normal academy, they are HELL WEEK.

Now I mention this in the past as the class after mine, there was a Training Coordinator changes, and since then there has been several more. I have not had the opertunity to see the new way, but have heard it is much easier.
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