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Pin-Stuck Doll Left At Official's Home

DELTONA, Fla. -- A menacing voodoo doll with an official's face attached and pins stuck in its body has prompted extra sheriff's protection for city commissioners, Local 6 has learned.

IMAGES: Larger Voodoo Doll Images

A burned-looking voodoo doll recently appeared in the yard of Commissioner Zenaida Denizac photo of Denizac's face was taped to the doll's head and several pins were stuck in its body.

Since the discovery, the sheriff's office has increased its presence outside of Denizac's home and those of other commissioners over the weekend.

Volusia County deputies said they are trying to ensure the safety of Deltona city commissioners.

A commissioner learned of the added security when he found a deputy looking in his recycle bin, Local 6 reported.

"I feel totally violated. Somebody came into my property," Denizac said during an earlier interview. "For me it's very difficult."

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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