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Brothers Defend Brooklyn Bodega With Machetes; Fight Off Would-Be Thieves

Camera Captured Altercation, Shows Owners Holding Suspects Until Police Arrive

A camera was rolling at this Bay Ridge deli, capturing an altercation between two brave storeowners and three would-be thieves.

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Some storeowners in Brooklyn who were fed up with thieves took matters into their own hands. Their vigilante justice was caught on tape, as two brothers used large knives to fend off 3 criminals, who also had weapons of their own. As the camera rolled, the lines between good and evil were drawn.

"You never know. This is a business. There's always someone trying to rip us off."

But the would-be robbers picked the wrong store. Mohammed Othman was working the register at S & J Meat Market in Bay Ridge, when three men entered his family's deli and asked to use the store's bathroom. Both Mohammed and his brother knew something was up:

"There's someone up there robbing us so I came here and grabbed two machetes. I grabbed them and ran upstairs," Othman told CBS 2.

So the brothers ran upstairs and see that the suspects were stealing $2,000 worth of cigarettes. Sammy and Mohammed weren't going to let that happen:

"Right when he was coming down, I just swung. I ended up hitting his legs," said Sammy, "we started fighting 3 against 2."

Sammy ran nearly two blocks after the suspect and chased them into another deli where surveillance cameras captured the whole confrontation.

The video shows Sammy face to face with one suspect in a white tank top who pulls out his own weapon:

"He had a knife on him and he said, 'I will stab you,' and I told him 'don't even think about it. My knife is bigger than yours.'"

Sammy was able to keep the suspects at the deli until police arrived.

A third suspect was caught when he tried calling one of the other suspect's cell phone. No one was injured in the altercation. But justice was served!
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