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VIDEOS: Brockton police file complaint against 9-year-old rapper’s father, say videos ‘a bit much’

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One video shows the 9-year-old rapper repeatedly slapping the buttocks of a woman who is bent over.
In another video, Luie Rivera Jr., a Brockton fourth-grader also known as Lil Poopy, is shown in various other, sexually charged situations having similar physical contact with other women.
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I have no words. :confused:

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Will this fine youths single be available on iTunes?
A damn shame, guess ill have to wait for the album to drop...
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State drops complaint against Lil Poopy's father

BROCKTON, Mass. -- The state has dropped its complaint against the father of Lil Poopy, a young rapper whose videos prompted an investigation by Brockton Police.

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He should be charged with a crime just for calling his son such a ridiculous nickname.

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Now if one of us posted a photo of our kids with an AR-15...
You mean like this?

The gun control hysteria being pushed by Second Amendment detractors in the wake of last year's Newtown tragedy reached new heights in New Jersey on March 15, when child welfare workers and police visited the home of a 10-year old boy who had posed with his hunting rifle for a Facebook photo.

When welfare workers and police arrived at the house, they asked to see the family's guns. Speaking through his attorney, Shawn Moore, the child's father, said his Second Amendment rights "were threatened."
The gun in the photo is a .22 caliber rifle made to resemble an AR-15. The boy's parents believe someone saw the photo on Facebook and "called New Jersey's anonymous child abuse line."
Far from abuse, Moore said he bought the gun for his son to use on hunting trips.
New Jersey's Department of Children and Families has declined to comment on this specific case, saying only that they commonly follow up on anonymous tips.
Won't be long when the drunken eskimoes to the north of us will, armed only with one spear, invade us and take over....
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