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Video Captures Death of CVS Toothpaste Shoplifter

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CHICAGO - Chilling video has surfaced of the 2010 choking death of a homeless shoplifter at the hands of a CVS store manager who chased him into an alley.
And a U.S. congressman is now calling for a special investigation into the death of 35-year-old Anthony Kyser, who stole toothpaste from the drug store before his death nearly three years ago.
The grainy surveillance video from the alley near the Little Village CVS was obtained from a source by Chicago.

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That's it, how can we stand idly by while someone used their bare hands to kill someone? We must ban all hands, it's for the children after all.
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He did have really nice teeth.
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Who gives a fuck? Congressional investigations into the deaths of derelict criminals? What has this country come to?
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Anything and everything to deflect attention from the economy, National Security, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and many other real issues. F**k this Administration.
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I don't feel incredibly bad for the shoplifter, although I am a bit puzzled by the fact that cop after cop showed up to a what I'm sure was a call for a shoplifter fighting with employees, and not one checked the breathing of an unresponsive suspect? Not even any handcuffs. Weird.
NO ONE should die because they stole toothpaste, however if they had NOT stole toothpaste......

Too bad he had to die, really. If he had lived, he's still have a wonderful life living on the streets of Chicago, begging for cash, getting drunk on mouthwash and curling up under an overpass. There IS no justice!

I deal with streetbums all the time (yeah STREETBUMS) and there are very few I would want dead, hell, NONE of them, but a few in particular I actually worry about, but yet, knowing how they live I cannot help but wonder which is better, the life they currently lead, or death because they stole something.

It's complicated.
Toothpaste or diamonds, poor actions have consequences. I'm tired of being made to feel bad for people who choose their fates. Fuck him, rot in pieces, don't steal.
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