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A driver led police on a wild chase on the morning of July 30 through the crowded streets of Midtown Atlanta.

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A driver led police on a wild chase Wednesday morning through the crowded streets of Midtown Atlanta.
The chase began just before 11 a.m. at the corner of Edgewood and Peachtree when the driver of a small pick-up struck hit a police motorcycle.
Atlanta police officers and state troopers chased the driver for about 20 minutes through residential neighborhoods and along major streets.
At several points the suspect and his pursuers were traveling the wrong way on one-way streets.
The suspect turned onto Amsterdam Avenue from Monroe Dr. only to discover it dead-ends at Piedmont Park. Bumping over medians in the parking lot of a shopping area the suspect tried heading back up Amsterdam.
At that point a state patrol officer used a pit maneuver and caused the suspect to spin-out and crash into a wall. Officers swarmed over the suspect's truck, dragged him from the vehicle, handcuffed him and stuffed him into the back of a patrol car.

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