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Veterans fight changes to disability payments

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Veterans fight changes to disability payments

    Published March 30, 2013
    Associated Press
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      FILE: March 24, 2013: Former Marine Corps Cpl. Marshall Archer, left, a veterans' liaison for the city of Portland, Maine, speaks to a man on a street in Portland. (AP)
    Veterans groups are rallying to fight any proposal to change disability payments as the federal government attempts to address its long-term debt problem. They say they've sacrificed already.
    Government benefits are adjusted according to inflation, and President Barack Obama has endorsed using a slightly different measure of inflation to calculate Social Security benefits. Benefits would still grow but at a slower rate.
    Advocates for the nation's 22 million veterans fear that the alternative inflation measure would also apply to disability payments to nearly 4 million veterans as well as pension payments for an additional 500,000 low-income veterans and surviving families.
    "I think veterans have already paid their fair share to support this nation," said the American Legion's Louis Celli. "They've paid it in lower wages while serving, they've paid it through their wounds and sacrifices on the battlefield and they're paying it now as they try to recover from those wounds."

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    How about cutting payments off for the dregs that never worked a day in their life because they have a case of the "nerves"
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    Yup! Furlough federal workers. Reduce cost of living increases for disabled veterans.
    Whatever you do though, Mr. Obama, DON'T freeze, reduce, or mess with welfare, EBT, unemployment, or entitlements for illegals sucking us dry.....Thanks Barry, BTW, why don't you send Eric Holder, John Kerry or somebody else to come take my firearms?
    P.S. Maybe you can give some more $$$ and F-16's to countries like Egypt that hate us. Thanks buddy!
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