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Veterans Day Posts

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Nov 10, 2012.

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    A house of healing

    Photo by Kelvin Ma

    Sgt. William R. Kleinedler

    Retired Army 1st Sgt. Rick Haddad attributes the use of his left arm and leg, both severely injured by shrapnel from a suicide bomber in Iraq four years ago, to the Fisher House that gave his mom a place to stay while he recovered nearby at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.
    “Healing is a joint effort and the Fisher House is an enabler of that. ... No family has ever entered the Fisher House because they want to be here,” the 44-year-old father of three from Natick said yesterday during a ceremony at Fisher House Boston, located on the campus of the VA Medical Center in West Roxbury, on whose board he now serves.
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    Pay it forward to another vet



    PROUD DOWN TO HIS CORPS: The Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps performs at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on Friday to honor the Corps.

    Say thank you, offer support or cheer on a parade — there are a lot of ways to make a difference on Veterans Day.
    Retired Marine Col. George Jonic, 70, offered another suggestion: lending a hand to someone who has served. “Whether it is welcoming them home ... helping them get employment when they are done (serving), thanking them for their service or assisting their families when they can’t be there personally,” Jonic said.
    “A parade is nice. It is good for young people to see, but there are other things that take place. Other things that can be done,” said Abington resident Dean Taylor, 70. “On Veterans Day, they should showcase what we are doing, not just the past.”
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    Swansea ceremony at Veterans Memorial Green honors veterans

    Posted 9 hour(s) ago
    The town of Swansea remembered its veterans — living and deceased, those lost at war, and those still in battle — in a ceremony on Saturday morning that drew a large crowd.

    Flags were raised for the first time at the new Veterans Memorial Green, a site created for just such an event.

    Event at Swansea Memorial Green honors veterans
    Somerset events highlight importance of Veterans Day
    Veterans honored at BCC event
    Greater Fall River Veterans Day events set
    State National Guard major talks to Somerset Middle students about meaning of Veterans Day
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    SPITZ: Tributes to fallen heroes

    Posted 7 hour(s) ago
    They were different names last Veterans Day. They were other names for Memorial Day as well. And even as 211 signs were being put up last weekend, Bobby Blair was waiting for confirmation on seven more names to add for this Veterans Day tribute to American and allied soldiers who have lost their lives since the signs lined Holliston's major thoroughfares last May.

    Paganella: The dwindling band of brothers
    Town Hall ceremony honors vets in Holliston
    Editorial: The veterans who continue public service
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    American Century

    Former South Attleboro resident Bertrand Dickey, who turns 100 today, has a crystal-clear memory of the horror he and fellow soldiers faced during World War II. An interview with Dickey can be found at
    (Staff photo by Mike George)

    When Bertrand Dickey looks through the window of Room 5 at Grandview Nursing Home in Cumberland, he sees baseball players. They emerge out of his still vibrant mind onto a patch of land just on the other side of the glass where a baseball field once stood.
    It's where he, his brothers and school chums played ball more than 80 years ago.
  7. Thank you to all those who have served and sacrificed. Your courage and selflessness is what makes this country great.

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    Wounded Warriors fundraiser Sunday night at Brockton VFW


    (Emily J. Reynolds/The Enterprise)
    Army First Sergeant and purple heart recipient Jason Ford, left, and Air Force Staff Sergeant Ronald Cunningham, both of Brockton, hold pictures on Thursday, November 8, 2012, of themselves in uniform as they talk about Sunday's fundraiser in the VFW on North Quincy St. in Brockton to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The event, dinner and a comedy show, will also feature keynote speaker Army Sergeant Peter Damon who lost both of his arms in Iraq and has since become an accomplished painter.

    Army 1st Sgt., purple heart recipient and Brockton police officer Jason Ford, and Air Force Staff Sgt. Ronald Cunningham, both of Brockton, are hosting a fundraiser on Sunday, Nov. 11 at the VFW on North Quincy Street in Brockton to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit helping military members injured in Iraq or Afghanistan and their families.

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    Why we should remember the Civil War on Veterans Day

    QUINCY —
    On Veterans Day, as communities honor those who have served their country, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, comes a call to remember Civil War veterans as well.
    The war may seem far removed, 150 years ago, but Edward Fitzgerald, executive director of the Quincy Historical Society, reminds us it was the Civil War that set the precedent for today’s “real concern for veterans.”
    The size of the war, the amount of loss, suffering and sacrifice that so many families felt, left its mark.
    “The Civil War really made people understand for the first time that people needed to be taken care of and we needed to take more responsibility toward people who served the country,” Fitzgerald said in an interview Saturday.

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    Saluting all who have stepped up and served,
    especially those who now lay Where Valor Proudly Sleeps.

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    Thank you all.
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    Had the opportunity to shake the hand of one of the remaining Tuskegee Airmen today. To call it an honor would be an understatement.
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    Not to be a wise ass, but here is the first clue. 11/11 11:11:11
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    For soldier’s kin, thanks for life saved

    More than 67 years after the kindness of a U.S. Army tank commander with food to spare outside the gates of the Dachau concentration camp saved Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross’ faith in his fellow man, the father of Boston City Councilor Michael Ross met the family of the stranger he has dedicated his life to for the first time yesterday.
    “I love people because of him,” Ross, 81, told the son of the late 1st Lt. Steven Sattler of Michigan before an already powerful gathering at the State House to honor Veterans Day.
    Ross, whose spinal cord was shattered by Nazi soldiers for stealing a potato, carries with him to this day a handkerchief-sized American flag Sattler gave him that spring day in 1945.
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    Never forget

    Tattoos keep alive vets’ most cherished memories


    ETCHED IN MIND, BODY: Army veteran Brian Parker shows off his tattoos, all of which reflect his time in the service.

    On the canvas of their skin, with indelible ink, some of America’s latest generation of combat veterans are memorializing the people and places they never want to forget as long as they live.
    “If you forget my death, then I’ve died in vain,” states the tattoo on Marine Jack Lynch’s side, where he’s recorded the names of four fallen “brothers in arms.”
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    Hero’s dad urges reflection: ‘All gave some ... some gave all’



    The father of Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti urged all Americans to take a moment this holiday weekend to appreciate the sacrifices others have made for them.
    “It’s a day we honor those people who have kept this country free,” said retired high school teacher Paul Monti, whose son was killed in 2006 while trying to save his comrades in a firefight in Afghanistan.
    “We go about our daily business, we go where we want, we watch what we want and we do what we want, but we really don’t think about why we are able to do that. Truly, all gave some, and truly, some gave all,” Paul Monti said outside American Legion Post 405 in Raynham, where a gleaming granite memorial in his late son’s honor was unveiled yesterday.
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    Veterans Day Parade highlights legacy of service in Fall River

    Posted 5 hour(s) ago
    When this country calls, Fall River answers.

    That was clear Sunday on South Main Street, as Joe Biszko waited with his son, Marc Biszko, and friend Gerry Fallon for the city’s annual Veterans Day Parade.

    Fall River's Veterans Day Parade
    Westport honors veterans for their sacrifices
    Sgt. Slaughter featured in Fall River's Veterans Day Parade
    Westport observances honor veterans for their sacrifices
    Sgt. Slaughter serves as grand marshal of Fall River's Veterans Day Parade
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    A Place to Remember
    Updated: November 12, 2012 - 1:26 am
    ATTLEBORO - Ret. Pfc. Army Air Corpsman Aime Turgeon and his wife Barbara of South Attleboro held hands tightly as they circled the new South Attleboro Memorial Wall looking for their brick Sunday. After a few minutes of searching, they discovered it on the opposite side.

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