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Vacancy Notice Reporting

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by mca650, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. mca650

    mca650 New Member

    Sorry if this is a dumb question!
    I received a vacancy notice from Transit Police today and they gave info on where and who to report to sign up. Should I dress like I'm going to an interview when I report (i.e. business suit), or is it more of a quick and causal ordeal?
  2. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    A good rule of thumb moving forward is no matter what your going to attend as part of the process would be a jacket and tie and polish your shoes. The only exception being a pat test.
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  3. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    Hey I got one to appear for MBTA also and was wondering the same thing. I was thinking black suit, white button up, red tie. It says appear on or before the 23rd, is it better to go sooner rather than later? Should I courtesy call ahead of time? What should I expect? Also this is my first notice and wanted to wait for my city of residence as I have a good position on the list. I’m afraid if I pass this up and wait, I’ll lose both opportunities and have nothing in the end. Sry for all the questions, any help would be appreciated. Also, how would you guys compare MBTA to a city like Malden or Medford?
  4. 02136colonel

    02136colonel Supporting Member

    I’d wear a suit. I’m assuming your going to 240 Southampton Street to sign? Most likely you’ll just sign a piece of paper and leave without talking to anyone but there’s a possibility that someone from the department might introduce themselves and talk for a couple minutes, and it’s better to be prepared for the possibility.
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  5. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    Thanks for the reply. Really? So not an interview just more of signing/agreeing to be considered? Anything in particular I should bring besides ID and maybe a print out of the email received? Also, how would you compare MBTA to Malden or Medford? Thanks again
  6. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Bring a box of donuts with you. Cops love that.
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  7. Inspector71

    Inspector71 Duke of Campus Police

    When I went in to sign back in mid 2000's, I dressed in a suit just to pick up a packet and be berated by some Sergeant who obviously was getting divorced, audited by the IRS, subject of an IA complaint, and just ran out of preparation H.
    Seriously, go through the process.
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  8. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    The written and physical tests are usually the only ones where you don't have to wear a suit. However, a lot of agencies WILL want you to dress up for your written test. Use your best judgement.
  9. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    I think I got that same cop for a traffic stop a few years ago.
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  10. 02136colonel

    02136colonel Supporting Member

    Correct, the notice that you receive in your email from civil service is just indicating that you're starting the hiring process, any other steps in the process (interview, background, etc) will be scheduled and you will be notified about them. They will probably give you paperwork when you sign, but otherwise you'll be in and out quickly.
    With that in mind, I would still wear a suit and be very professional, because you never know who is going to happen to be at the desk when you walk in. When I signed the list for DOC a couple years back, I signed it at the HR office at DOC, but there happened to be a background investigator that was in the office. He introduced himself and showed me the background packet that they give you to fill out. So it's always better to be dressed as you would if you were going in to meet someone, even though it might not happen.
    Your ID and a printed copy of the notice should be fine in terms of what to bring in, unless you were told to bring in anything else. The other necessary documents will be collected during your background.
    Transit looks like a great job. Big jurisdiction, lots of special units (SWAT, EOD, detectives, K9), and a good amount of police work. I've heard the pay is good but can't confirm as they seem to treat their contract like a classified NSA document. Only downside I've heard is that the mandated OT is epic right now, count on 80+ hour weeks, without any choice in it.
    I know Malden at least used to have one of the best schedules in the state (2 on/4 off 0800-2400 schedule or 3 on/3 off 0000-0800 schedule), not sure if they still do. Otherwise, I don't really know too much about either of the cities. I will say that the only way you'll be hired in either of them is if you have residency preference, so realistically you won't be able to choose between the two, it will be whichever city you have residency in that you could get a card for.
    Personally, I'd take the bird in hand. Even if you want your city more, Transit's a good job and you wouldn't want to pass it up unless you knew you were guaranteed your hometown. You can also look into doing a lateral transfer back home at some point once your off probation.
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  11. 38bigblock

    38bigblock MassCops Member

    Dress comfortable, it’s CS!
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  12. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Awesome RAILROAD retirement!
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  13. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    wow man, thanks for such a detailed reply! You pretty much answered everything and more. Yeah I have residency preference in Malden and a good position on the list. I’m going to take what comes to me first but really hoping I somehow get Malden, even if it means taking a pay cut from what I’d make in transit. I love this city and already know half the department and chief so it’s where I’d feel the most comfortable. A lot to think about, thank you again for the helpful reply.
  14. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    Transit will force you to death. Also you can wear a sweatshirt and sneakers to sign the list as it is usually with a secretary that has zero authority to do anything.
  15. DucatiGuy1

    DucatiGuy1 New Member

    I went in to sign the sheet. Here’s what happens.

    Dress like a normal person. You’ll have to report back after 10 or so days with your application completed and in formal dress attire. The second appointment will last 3-4 hours. Interviews and writing prompts.

    When you go to sign in, be prepared to stay there for at least an hour as they do an application overview in small groups.

    The application asks you to provide a lot of information. Not a problem by itself, but some of what they require is overkill. If I was applying to work at Area 51, I’d imagine a similar application.

    It just means you’ll have to spend more time working on it than a regular local or state application.

    They are hiring 25 people.
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  16. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    How about a sweatshirt under a sport coat?
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  17. alonzo401

    alonzo401 MassCops Member

    So you have to go back late October or early november?
  18. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Business casual. You'll sign a list in front of a very bored civil servant .

    Congratulations on getting a card.

    Good luck !
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  19. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Dress for success. You never know.
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  20. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    wow really? Anything in specific to bring besides ID, like w2’s or anything? So would I look silly in a suit and tie? I don’t want to be that douch bucket sticking out of the crowd of casually dressed. Ift they’re only hiring 25 how many cards do you think they issued? I was pretty high on the list for MBTA 2 or 3 hundred I believe so I wasn’t expecting a card from them.
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  21. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    You might want to edit or delete that post before someone from the department you are applying for reads it.
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  22. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    When I went to sign, the superintendent and deputy superintendent came out and introduced themselves, as the HR office was next to theirs. One of the Sgts that ended up being on the oral board introduced himself as well. I know this doesnt happen to everyone, but why even take the slight chance of making a bad first impression when its easily avoidable?
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  23. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    Dam it I don’t see an option to edit! Help
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  24. MO1

    MO1 MassCops Member

    Yeah I agree I’m going full suit and tie, thanks.
  25. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman Semper Occultus

    Can’t go wrong with a collared shirt, khakis and dress shoes. If your worried about over dressing it’s a perfectly viable option.
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