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VA police questions

Discussion in 'Maine' started by countymountie, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. countymountie

    countymountie MassCops Member

    Anyone here employed by or knowledgeable of the veterans affairs police in Maine? I'm a mass guy with silly dreams of relocating up there and had some pay/bennies and cost of living questions. Thanks.
  2. georgelapenta76

    georgelapenta76 MassCops Member

    They start as GS5. With the locality pay thats between 35 and 40K a year. 10% of your hourly wage for working eves and nights, and 25% for working sundays any shift. Federal retirement sucks. As a cop you will get 1.7% for each year you put in. So after twenty years it's like 23-25% of the average of your last three years. So, it's beneficial to move up in pay grade as you can. Not sure of the upward mobility in Maine. You also have a kind of 401K account thats called the Thrift Savings Plan. You can put in up to 10% I believe of your check. The VA will match you up to 6% unless thats changed recently. To my knowledge the average person puts in 5% and the VA matches that. I have no idea unfortunately of the cost of living there. Less than here in Mass, thats for sure! :) Hope this helps a little.
  3. countymountie

    countymountie MassCops Member

    Thats exactly what I'm looking for, thanks . Any guess as to overtime opportunities?
  4. TacEntry

    TacEntry MassCops Member

    It is actually 1% per year for 30 years for a whopping 30% of your high 3. 1.7% a year for your first 20 years is reserved for a scant few uniformed police jobs in the Feds- I think Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA and they are mostly out west and hire almost all Indians) is one of the only "Police" jobs that is covered by LE early retirement. LE retirement in the Feds is mostly for special agents (1811's) and a few others like the Border Patrol etc. They can retire at 20 years at 50 or 25 years at any age before 57(mandatory retirement age). With max hire age of 37. After 20 years it drops to 1% for them too.
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  5. georgelapenta76

    georgelapenta76 MassCops Member

    Huh...must've change in the last four years. It was definitly 1.7 when I left in 2012. I know becuase it was mentioned by HR that there was a difference. ?? Anyway, it doesnt add up to that much of a difference anyway because even at 1.7% it's still a lousy retirement system!
    As for OT countymountie, I think that will depend on your duty station. We had plenty in Bedford, and there's quite a bit in Leeds too.
  6. countymountie

    countymountie MassCops Member

    Either way that retirement sounds terrible. Shift differentials sound ok though and OT might make up some difference... anyways thanks gents!
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  7. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Federal retirement isn't soooo terrible when you factor in Social Security and the TSP. If you work State & Municipal, you won't be paying into Social Security and better pray you have enough quarters in your life to get some of it back!
    TSP is matching funds (free$$$) and you get to manage the portfolio somewhat...

    BTW, Togus, ME. VAMC had an officer involved shooting in recent years. Seems like it was handled well.
  8. countymountie

    countymountie MassCops Member

    Good info thanks guys
  9. Renegade 4

    Renegade 4 DDO-JSIOC

    VAPD retirement has always been 1% up to 30 or 1.1% if you stay until 62 for the above mentioned factors. at least as far back as 2008 until now. Whether the system previous to FERS was 1.7% IDK. Retiree COLA in the federal gov't is 1.7%, last i heard unless that was stolen away to pay for entitlements as well. LEO retirement is, for the select few agencies mentioned above, 1.7% for 20 then 1% for the years you do after than. BOP is another "LEO Qualified" place and they have places in upstate NY, Berlin NH i believe and Devens, if you can put up with the scrotes for 20 years. I have heard togus is squared away. Also departments in Northampton, Bedford, Boston, Manchester, Providence ect, ect.
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