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By Mark Bowes
The Richmond Times Dispatch

RICHMOND, Va. - A man shot by a plainclothes Richmond police detective in Chesterfield County had approached the officer in a "confrontational manner" armed with a box cutter and a cigarette lighter resembling a pistol, authorities said yesterday.
The detective, who was working undercover with the city's anti-gang unit, identified himself as a police officer and gave Mark Andrew Weaver several commands to stop Saturday, but he wouldn't comply, said Chesterfield police Capt. Robert Skowron.
The officer then fired three times from inside his unmarked car, striking Weaver, 43. Police said he remains hospitalized at VCU Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
was in the neighborhood off Jefferson Davis Highway near the city line Saturday night visiting Williams, who lives about a half-block from the shooting scene.
"He was talking about us getting back together," Williams said.
Williams said that when Weaver arrived at her house by bicycle, he noticed a car parked at the corner that he thought looked suspicious.
"He was overprotective of me," she said. "He wanted to make sure that I would be all right when he wasn't there. He'd always notice if there were any cars that's not supposed to be here, because he lived with me at one time."
When Weaver said he was going to check out the car, "I was kind of trying to stop him," Williams said. "When he seemed like he was determined to go I said, 'Mickey, you don't really realize who's in that car.'"
Williams said she walked with Weaver part of the way but then turned back to go home.
"By the time I turned to go back, I can hear somebody hollering to get away from the car, they were going to shoot," Williams said. "And I guess before he could even get away from the car, they shot three times."
"The guy didn't even give him any time to talk, or get away from the car," she added.
Skowron said Jenkins gave Weaver several warnings but he wouldn't back off.
After collapsing in a yard in the 3100 block of Dulwich Drive, Weaver told Williams to call 911. "I had to go back to the house to get my phone," she said.
Meanwhile, Williams said, the officer jumped out of his car and began calling for an ambulance.
Williams said Weaver receives disability income after being shot during a robbery off Walmsley Boulevard in the late 1990s. She said he lost a kidney in that shooting.
Weaver has had several brushes with the law in recent years, being charged with assault, destroying property, grand larceny and entering a building to commit assault and battery. All but the latter charge were dismissed in court or withdrawn by prosecutors, court records show.
He is scheduled to stand trial Sept. 4 in Chesterfield Circuit Court on the charge of entering a building to commit assault.
Skowron said that after investigators compile all their interviews and receive the results of forensic testing of evidence, they will present their findings to the Chesterfield commonwealth's attorney's office for review.

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