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Using a CB Radio as a Junior Operator

Discussion in 'Vehicle Laws' started by TomahawkL6, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. TomahawkL6

    TomahawkL6 New Member

    So I just got my permit in MA. When I get my license me and my friends want to get CB radios for our cars (I know, they are kinda going out, but they seem like fun) I am just worried about violating Junior operator phone laws. Here is the specific law.

    Ch 90/8M- Use of a Mobile Phone or Mobile Electronic Device by a Junior Operator Civil Offense- No Surcharge (A "mobile electronic device" is any hand-held or other portable electronic equipment capable of providing data communication between two or more persons, including, without limitation, a mobile telephone, a text messaging device, a paging device, a personal digital assistant, a laptop computer, electronic equipment that is capable of playing a video game or digital video disk, equipment on which digital photographs are taken or transmitted or any combination thereof, or equipment that is capable of visually receiving a television broadcast; provided, however, that mobile electronic device shall not include any audio equipment or any equipment installed, or affixed, either temporarily or permanently, in a motor vehicle for the purpose of providing navigation or emergency assistance to the operator of such motor vehicle or video entertainment to the passengers in the rear seats of such motor vehicle.)

    I have been told that they are two separate things, and i would not violate this law, but I was not sure if there were differing opinions on it.

  2. DNorth

    DNorth MassCops Member

    At your age and experience level, my advice would be to concentrate on sharpening your skills and situational awareness on the road, rather than using the CB, stereo, or any other gadget.

    That being said, I would ask your local amateur radio club for clarification on the law, as I bet they know it well. The law as presented above seems to mainly refer to handheld devices, not a two way radio permanently installed in a vehicle. However "without limitations" presents an open door for an argument against a CB, and looking toward the bottom of the citation, it seems that only emergency (meaning not recreational) two way radio devices that are permanently installed may be considered.

    I no longer live in MA, and my most recent MA in-service was long before these laws existed, so these are just observations I have made.
  3. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    Perfectly legal, use of a 2way radio in MA requires you to keep 1 hand on the wheel.

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  4. USM C-2

    USM C-2 MassCops Member

    As stated, use of a two-way radio in motion is allowed in all 50 states.

    However, as a new driver you don't yet have the cognitive base to manage the large number of inputs that driving throws at you. Visual inputs such as street layout, intersections, parked cars and cues they may move, pedestrians, traffic signage... the list goes on and on. With practice, these get processed subconsciously. Until that time, they require conscious attention.

    Now add distractors inside the vehicle. Conversation, music, having a bad day... all require more attention. That's why using a cell phone is hazardous. It's not so much having it in your hand, it's the distraction. Studies have shown that two-way radio use causes a smaller increase in hazardous driving behavior than cell phones, but the increase is there. Society has simply decided that the benefits of having two-way radios in vehicles (for public safety, business and even hobby purposes) outweighs the added risks. And yes, police car computers have been shown to have a similar increase. Again, the benefit to them outweighs the risk.

    So, my bottom line recommendation is to avoid, as much as possible, any sort of distractors while the vehicle is in motion until you have more experience driving.
  5. visible25

    visible25 Supporting Member

    As others have eluded to, it's legal to cheers to that. But for the the love of god, please take some time to get used to driving and whatnot before you begin distracting yourself like this.

    Yes, it will be fun and cool but from someone who was in your position a few years ago... you really don't know the extent of the distractions you will face once you gain the freedom to drive on your own and whatnot.

    You're young, we aren't *trying* to be parents, but the amount I've learned from everyone here has definitely saved my ass more than a few times in the years I've been on here.

    Have fun, be smart, and enjoy being young! (Also don't be a douche and look like you're on the job going out on calls)
  6. TomahawkL6

    TomahawkL6 New Member

    Thanks guys,
    I have thought about everything you have mentioned and I like to think that I know my limits, I have been driving for about 1 month, but have gotten some good experience in.

    I do appreciate your advice, I know you guys have more experience with this than I do.

    Haha, no worries, I am a police explorer, but I dislike the wanna be cops just as much as you guys do.

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