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Crvtte65 said:
And we all know that CV's have been inservice for a very long time with a very low count of fatalities considering they are driven 24/7. Many cars explode when the fuel tank ruptures after an impact of highway speeds and there is a spark....

"In the past 20 years, 14 police officers have died in crashes when the gas tanks of their Crown Victorias caught fire in rear-end collisions."

ok so less than 1 per year. with 14,000 police agencies average size being about 10 = 140,000 cops on the road so that is 14/140000 = .0001 % of officers that are killed because of an explosion in 20 years.... OH MY GOD THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!! Quit bitching about this nonsense. Farming is a more dangerous job and more of them die each year than officers. And in MA construction is the most deadly (or at least it was a few years ago)

The statistic should not read 14 officers killed because their car exploded because of the design, it should read 14 officers were killed because some person was not paying attention and slammed into them on the highway. Lets change the drivers
Sounds Good to me! Christ.....Pinto of the millenium! Let's get serious.
The C/V is a poor mans lincoln so what? lets move on now Yikes!

I notice everyone that the majority is saying there beat in to the ground 24hrs a day? And who would want one, I think they make great cars and not all of them are beat into the ground.Some used ones are in really decent shape and for the $ ya cant beat them,especially when it comes to replacing parts on them which is dirt cheap. Anyway I've owned 2 X Ny State Police vehicles one 91 and one 97 both came from the NY Throughway area, both highway cars and both were and one still is in great shape(97).

My 97 is great I challenge anyone to drive this car and tell me its a shit box, it has 115,000 on the odometer and it drives like a new car, No Shittin. I dont what they do to there cars over there @ the NYSP but whatever it is I hope they continue to keep doing it because this car is in seriously great shape.

Oh ya by the way its for sale.So if there are any takers just PM me and you can drive this car and see for yourself.

I'll say this yes there are more than there fair share of shit boxes out there ie:taxis and some civilian owned CVPI's and for the most part the # of shitters compared to the # of goods one s, weighs on the side of the shitters but, when you come across one/s that are in great shape theres nothing like it. And as far as getting blasted form the rear end and the car exploding it could happen if you where in a Toyota.

Martin Doherty, D & F CLassics, is (or was) the source in the York Maine area, on Rt. 1. He sold good cars, albeit pricey.

Mark Gottenburg's business, in between Albany and NYC, is probably the largest seller in the northeast. His place was described to me as having 'acres of cars'.

Mark Gottenburg, Used Police Cars
3449 Rt 32
Saugerties, NY 12477
tel: 914-246-4344
fax: 914-246-4371


The car I have for sale was a car we siezed and the person couldnt afford to pick up the vehicle and thus were stuck with it now, and need to sell it to pay off the note and expenses. The guy that had this car was a freak about it and he maintained the shit out if it.

I hear what your saying MT1 and I believe it to be true for the most part but in some cases and and it would be impossible to verify if those things you mentioned happend to the vehicle (smart $ says it has). But there are those (cars) that you just know are good cars obviously after driving them and having them looked over by a mechanic.

I own a 2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with 150,000 miles. The engine is in top notch condition(my brothers a mechanic) and I am considering selling the car. I live on the North Shore in MA. If anyone is intrested in purchasing the car e-mail me at [email protected]. I am willing to sell the car cheap if its going into the right hands. Its a fantastic car and its got alot of life left in it.

PATS246 said:
I second that motion. Why would anyone want a used police car that has basically been used for a few years 24/7?
The more important question should be;

Who would want a used car that has had multiple people shit, puke, and piss in the back seat??
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