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Let's take this in a few stages here.
1) I'd rather not get rear ended at all
but, if it's gonna happen, I'd like to be in:
2) An M1 Abrams
3) TT Unit
4) Giant SUV
If we are talking only in cars, I'd want to be in:
5) A VOLVO!!!! Hands down, no question about it. Close behind would be BMW and Audi

CV's are great cars. I love them and love the look. They suit there purpose very well as an affordable car and parts are easy/inexpensive to find. However, there is CLEARLY a safety issue with the tanks that NEEDS to be addressed. Unfortunately, with current state of the automotive industry (highly fragmented) and quality issues at Ford (which so far, thankfully, haven't filtered to all of the divisions - like Volvo), it is unlikely the problem will be adequately addressed in the immediate future. Such is the nature of Ford.
This is the word that I continuously hear from someone I know who has TONS of knowledge about the industry(and NOT a Ford competitor).

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