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US Postal Service defends mailman who stepped around dead man

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US Postal Service defends mailman who stepped around dead man

Published November 09, 2012
Associated Press
DENVER - The U.S. Postal Service is defending a mail carrier who stepped around a Denver man who collapsed and died near his front door.
Dale Porch was dropped off at home last week after working the night shift for the Regional Transportation District but never made it inside. Family members say hours later, a mail carrier walked by the body to deliver the mail but did nothing to help.
KMGH-TV reports the carrier has been temporarily taken off the route. The family says the carrier told them he thought the body was a mannequin, a decoration left over from Halloween.

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Neither rain, sleet, snow or dead bodies!
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There was a guy who offed himself in his front yard, right around Halloween. He shot himself in the head, must have been overnight because no one reported any shots fired. He lived on a busy street, and people drove by all day without calling because they thought it was a Halloween decoration. Not sure how close this mailman got to the body, but even to this day I know what my eyes are seeing.
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