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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee postal worker is in trouble after police caught her smoking cocaine in her mail truck.
The arrest came after police say they were investigating a postal worker out delivering mail, and witnessed her deliver and use crack cocaine on the job.

Authorities say 51-year-old postal worker Sandra Winkler was delivering more than just bills and packages from her mail truck.
They say she was also delivering crack cocaine.
"Shocking. Just shocking that someone would do that," Lana Sorgi said.

The criminal complaint alleges Winkler delivered crack cocaine to her daughter from her mail truck on South 38th Street. Police say they caught the daughter using the drugs while*driving, with her toddler in the car.
Police say they then caught Winkler doing drugs inside her mail truck, and that she admitted she's been using crack cocaine daily for years.
The complaint also says she told investigators she smoked crack cocaine inside her mail truck because she had more privacy there.

No one answered the door at Winkler's home, and the union who represents her said no comment.
People outside a south side post office had a lot to say about the charges.
"It's pretty dangerous riding around like that," Sorgi said.

Emily Laak was appalled a postal worker people trust with their bills and private information is accused of this.
"There's enough problems with our mail system the way it is. We get other people's mail. Other people may be getting our mail," Laak said.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Heather Shannon tried several times to talk to the post office about the charges. No one called us back.

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