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US blames North Korea for crippling ‘WannaCry’ cyberattack

Discussion in 'War on Terror' started by kwflatbed, Dec 19, 2017.

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    I won't read these stories. We KNOW the Kim Jung Un is fucking nuts and should be euthanized, we also know that Japan is becoming the Japan it once was (the one we beat the shit out of in WW2), and that China isn't STUPID and will make a big fuss if we KILL that little puke but in reality will have a party over his death.

    When we beat Japan and Germany in 1945, we made it clear that we didn't want them to become the powers they HAD been. We stood firm. However, as Communism began to take and take and take and become as big a threat to the world as fascism had been, no honest American could dispute that, if left in tact, Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany would be a nice buffer to the Communist Chinese and Stalinist Russians.

    Germany has VERY SLOWLY become a powerful nation once again and Japan is showing it's IMPERIAL side. The "DEFENSE" force is slowly giving way to what we always secretly wanted, the power mad "Japs" that nearly OWNED Asia.

    Stand WITH us and we CAN defeat EVIL!

    I retain the rights as to who plays me in the movie. It's tough with Rod Steiger dead.

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