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Updated: Lifeguard rescues woman at Crane's

By Wendall Waters / [email protected]

Sun Sep 07, 2008, 08:21 PM EDT

Ipswich -
A woman who was rescued at Crane Beach on Sunday is OK, said Crane Estate Superintendent Bob Murray.
When a distress call came in to the beach's lifeguard house, staff mobilized right away and saved the young woman, who had tired while swimming in the choppy waters that were the result of Saturday's storm. Issac Ross grabbed a buoy and ran westward down the beach. At the same time, EMTs from the office mobilized and headed to the scene in ATVs, whistling loudly as they went along to alert people sitting on the beach.
As Ross got closer, people pointed to a young woman and her mother in the water. Ross swam out and pulled the distressed woman to shore using the buoy to keep her afloat. Her mother was able to swim ashore herself.
The mother, Murray said, told staff that in addition to the water being choppy, the current was pushing her daughter along. The combination, she said, was more than the young woman could handle. Staff attended to the woman once she was onshore but she did not need medical care. She was fine, Murray said.
This was Ross's first rescue at Crane Beach, Murray said, where the lifeguard has been on the staff for four years.
"It was our one-and-only save all summer long," he said.
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