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By Maureen Boyle
Posted Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:22 AM
Last update Jul 29, 2008 @ 10:18 AM

Neighbors said today they heard three gunshots at the time a 15-year-old boy was fatally wounded Monday night when, police were told, someone fired a gun through the window of a North Warren Avenue home.
The boy, identified as Deavante Muldergrant of Dorchester, died around 4 a.m. today at a Boston hospital, after he had been shot late Monday, Assistant District Attorney Bridget Norton-Middleton said.
The teen was first taken to a local hospital, then flown to Boston where he was pronounced dead. Middleton said the boy appeared to have suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and head area.

Three bullet holes could be seen in a window on the side of the 179 North Warren Ave. house this morning. Neighbors said this morning they heard three gunshots in the area of the house.
Although the district attorney's office listed the boy's address as Dorchester, one neighbor said the teen had been living in the first-floor apartment with his mother and brother for some time.
The neighbor described the teen as a nice boy who appeared to stay out of trouble.
Police were called to the scene around 11:40 p.m. Monday to investigate a report that someone had been shot. When police arrived, they were led into the house and found the victim inside, bleeding, and a woman trying to stop the bleeding.
Authorities were told someone opened fire outside the house and one of the shots went through the window, fatally wounding the boy.
State and Brockton police were trying to identify the gunman or gunmen this morning.

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Gunfire kills youth in Brockton home

By Milton J. Valencia

Globe Staff / July 30, 2008

A 15-year-old youth was fatally shot in his Brockton home early yesterday, the fourth killing of a teenager in a city that has been beset by violence this year.

Deavante Mulder-Grant, who was from Dorchester but who has been living in Brockton recently, was shot in the head just after midnight yesterday while inside his home on North Warren Avenue, police said.
The gunman fired several times at the house, located in what has become a violent neighborhood, police said. One bullet went through a window and struck Mulder-Grant in the neck and head area, police said.
Mulder-Grant was taken to Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and then brought by Med-Flight helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead four hours after being shot.
The killing is being investigated by local police and State Police detectives assigned to the Plymouth County district attorney's office. The district attorney's office did not return a call for comment yesterday.
Mulder-Grant was not specifically known to police, but the neighborhood has been a problem spot during what has been a violent year in Brockton, police said.
"I would say this was not random," Police Chief William Conlon said. He said the shooting was particularly troubling because of the victim's age and because it comes after police had been successful in stopping much of the violence that occurred earlier in the year.
"Hopefully this doesn't flare up new activity," the chief said. "It's certainly unfortunate that anything like this would happen. Especially that it's a 15-year-old, it's very discouraging."
Halfway through the year, the city has had nine homicides, putting it on pace to surpass last year's 11 killings, and match the city's peak of 15 in one year during the violent gang shootings of 1993.
Four of the homicide victims this year have been teenagers. In addition to Mulder-Grant's slaying, Markeen Starks, 19, was fatally stabbed at a party Jan. 1; Terrance Young, 15, was shot and killed after a run to a local convenience store Feb. 19; and Oliver Baptista, 15, was slain March 25.
In other violence this year, a 56-year-old cab driver was killed during a botched robbery in February, and an 88-year-old man was shot and wounded during a robbery that same week.
State and local law enforcement officers earlier this year swarmed the area to try to quell the violence. State Police sent in extra patrols, and federal agents assisted task forces in trying to identify some of Brockton's most violent players.
Last month, a federal task force arrested 22 immigrants who allegedly have played a role in the violence, using their immigration status to remove them from the streets. Weeks earlier, a separate sweep netted more than a dozen known gang members.
Meantime, antiviolence groups have formed to reach into neighborhoods and stop the shootings. Conlon said a youth-community dialogue session, already scheduled, had been held last night.
The Rev. David O'Connell, pastor of Christ the King Church, said the crackdown seemed to have slowed the violence. "It seems like over the last month or so there's been a greater sense of control over things," he said. "Clearly, work is being done. It's just so regrettable that every once in a while you get this random pop-up of someone else getting shot."
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