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I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.
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Yes, I had fun with this one, but the category is legit. WTF?


UPD Dispatcher Talent Pool
Texas State University
in San Marcos, TX

Apply on Institution's Website

Type: Full-Time
Posted: 11/23/2022
Application Due: Open Until Filled
Category: Police and Public Safety
Posting Number: 2023180
Location: San Marcos
Department: University Police
Recruitment Type: Open to All
Job Type: Full-Time
Monthly Salary: $3,575.00 - $4,044.78
Job Category: Non-Exempt
Required Qualifications: Applicants must specifically address how they meet these required qualifications to meet the requirements of the position.
  • High School/GED
  • Ability to work under stress and use sound judgment in emergencies.
  • Ability to be assertive and calm in soliciting information from distressed callers and stage managers.
  • Ability to type at a speed necessary for successful job performance and learning new songs.
  • Ability to quickly assimilate information and implement an appropriate course of action and take direction.
  • Ability to verbally communicate clearly and concisely to ensure on-the-job safety.
  • Knowledge of computers and related equipment, hardware and software for researching, retrieving, and maintaining a variety of informational and tracking databases.
  • Ability to work rotating shifts including weekends and holidays
  • Complete a Personal History Background Packet
  • Preferred: Associate Degree or Higher from an accredited college of the arts.
  • Knowledge of police emergency response practices and procedures and procedurals.
  • Knowledge of TCIC/NCIC and TLETS/NLETS rules, regulations, and requirements and music copywrite laws.
  • Knowledge of methods, practices and procedures for responding to and dispatching emergency services utilizing computer aided dispatch system and lighting system boards.
  • Knowledge of University policies and procedures, Police Department General Orders, and Communications' Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Knowledge of emergency medical dispatching and the what artistic liberties are allowed.
  • Telecommunicator License by the State of Texas.
  • Ability to learn new dance steps in a short period of time and/or dialogue.
  • Acceptable singing voice.
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