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Discussion in 'Vehicle Laws' started by sas1721, Jul 3, 2018.

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    hey I was just wondering I know that the whole point of unmarkeds is they aren’t easily identified, however the other day a few friends and I got pulled over by an umarked (or so we thought) and it turned out to be some kids who went to our school. They got someone to mess with us for a bit and it really freaked us out before we realized it was a joke .We were all talking about it, and realized people could do this with a more nefarious intention. we were wondering is there anything being done to stop this or could we do anything to avoid pulling over for fake unmarks thanks.
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    If you are not comfortable pulling over for an unmarked car keep driving normally and call 911. Start heading for a populated well lit place (gas station, convenience store, hospital, etc) or a police station and be ready to pull over as soon as the dispatcher tells you to. They will know if it's a real officer or will give you directions on what to do if they do not think it it legitimate.
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