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UNH Police ban Newmarket man from campus

By: Meg Power

Posted: 9/26/08

A Newmarket man has been banned from campus after posting advertisements to "lease a wife or bride" or "concubines."

Bert J. Allen III, 44, was prohibited from campus after he put up advertisements encouraging female students to become a "trophy wife" in and around the area of the Dimond Library.

In a letter written to Allen informing him of the ban, UNH Police said that Allen's actions had a "negative impact on the educational environment of the university" and were "unpermitted, and illegal."

In an ad filled with grammatical errors, "leasing a wife" was marketed as a position with benefits such as "Trips, free vacations, help with school problems." When listing reasons to join, the ad cited the increasing school expenses, saying, "With the costs of school a good friend will take care of that special friend."

The ad said women can join for free and only men who can afford the contracts can view their profiles. In addition, he claims there are 800 women signed up in the Seacoast area, and 321 at UNH.

Allen is a registered sex offender in Alfred, Maine for sexually assaulting a child under 13. He is 6'4, 240 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes.

Allen is banned from all properties and buildings on the UNH campus until September 24, 2009. If Allen is seen on campus, call UNH Police at 603-862-1427.

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Man Banned From UNH Campus Seeks Restraining Order

University Says Man Distributed Fliers Seeking Concubine

Video: Police Say Man Distributed Disturbing Fliers At UNH

DURHAM, N.H. -- A man who was told to stay off the University of New Hampshire campus after distributing fliers apparently seeking a trophy wife is now taking action against the school.

UNH officials said that Bert Allen III, of Newmarket, N.H., had been distributing fliers for a couple of weeks seeking a "trophy wife" who has a passport, a good smile and an open mind.

Police said the content of the fliers was disturbing and violated policies, but it was not illegal.
"He came on campus and was soliciting people, and you need a permit to do that, to solicit any product or any service on campus," Deputy Chief Paul Dean said.

After UNH sent a letter to Allen banning him from campus for a year, Allen served the UNH police chief and deputy chief with notice seeking a restraining order from campus police. In the notice, Allen cited attacks and threats made by officers.

"It's unfortunate, but it's certainly his right to do," Dean said.

Allen is a registered sex offender who was convicted of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl 10 years ago.

Federal court documents show that Allen was also charged with impersonating an FBI agent and planting three pipe bombs, in what prosecutors called an elaborate scheme to discredit the girl, who was scheduled to testify against him.

Two of the three felony charges were dismissed, but Allen was found guilty of possessing an unregistered firearm.

At UNH, students were warned to stay away from him, and police said the investigation is active.

"We're looking to also find out if there are any other laws that have been violated by passing out such material," Dean said.

Allen is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 7 to discuss the restraining order.

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Despicable piece of dirt. That's just horrible.
It's inexplicable how a scum like that is walking the streets JAP..

And why judge isn't Mr. Allen finishing the first half of a 20 year incarceration damn it!!
Because you know he will do it again to some other poor kid.
And he knows how to pick his victims well, just go after those less able to report you.. POS.

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Sex Offender Wants Police To Stay Away

Allen Offered Money, Trips for Concubines

DOVER, N .H. -- A convicted sex offender who had been warned to stay away from the University of New Hampshire campus is now asking police to stay away from him.

Police said Bert Allen left fliers near the Durham university's library offering money and trips in exchange for girls becoming concubines or live-in servants.

In response, Allen asked a judge at Strafford County Superior Court to grant a permanent injunction to prevent what he called harassment by UNH police.
Judge Kenneth Brown ruled against Allen, saying that the university was doing what it needed to do to protect staff and students.

Allen was banned from campus after UNH found fliers promising gifts to women. The university said it traced those fliers to Allen.

Allen claimed that others cut and pasted items from his Web site.

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Court Throws Out Sex Offender's Suits

DOVER, NH - A child rapist barred from the University of New Hampshire after posting fliers seeking "concubines," summonsed nine lawyers representing university entities, students, a television station and a newspaper to Strafford Superior Court Wednesday morning.
Bert Allen III, 44, of Newmarket, named 16 defendants in lawsuits that were all dismissed by Judge Kenneth Brown following a March 25 hearing, because Allen was "just too confusing," said Portsmouth attorney John Pendleton, who represented one of the students named.
"His thought process was disjointed and ultimately his claims and arguments were incomprehensible," said Pendleton. "While we need to have open access to the courts there was no legitimate claim at issue. Mr. Allen's efforts used up valuable court time and cost the various people sued a lot of money."
According to court records, Allen's legal actions alleged UNH's Sigma Beta Alumni Association, the university proper, its police department, WMUR and Foster's Daily Democrat were all responsible for an alleged attack against him and have connections to gangs, organized prostitution, Muslim drug lords and Asian narcotics. Allen alleged the defendants conspired to hijack a Web site he controls for the purpose of seeking so-called trophy wives and to steal documents pertaining to his "missing wife."
He sought $50 million in damages.
In its motion to dismiss, the Greek alumni association called the allegations "a fantastic tale," "frivolous, malicious, lack(ing) a basis in law or fact" and "wholly incredible." Through counsel, it asked that the "sham" suit be dismissed, while noting Allen filed a similar case, with similar allegations, that was dismissed by a Pennsylvania court.
Pendleton said he believed Allen got the students' names from newspaper articles reporting a fraternity drug bust.
After hearing arguments on motions to dismiss from several of Allen's defendants, as well as arguments from Allen himself, the court dismissed all of the complaints.
"Ultimately I think the Court found that even if it took all of Mr. Allen's writings and tried to accept the factual allegations in a light most favorable to Mr. Allen, he still had failed to make out a legitimate case or a claim," said Pendleton, adding that Judge Brown advised Allen of his right to appeal.
Allen was convicted in 2000 of aggravated felonious sexual assault with a victim under the age of 13. According to the state sex offender registry, his criminal history includes two criminal threatening convictions and a simple assault conviction.

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Re: Court Throws Out Sex Offender's Suits

The judge ruled that each person and/or entity sued may take alternating turns stoning the douche to death.
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