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UNDERMANNED: Army cuts leave fewest active duty troops since 1940

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, May 9, 2016.

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    Obama wanted a force reduction and he got it. Our ability to fight a war on two fronts, (which has always been military doctrine) is in jeopardy.
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    Reporter was fired for sexist headline, it should read, "under-personed"
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    Yesterday, Vladimir Putin announced that he intends to invade Georgia. Within hours of the announcement, it was changed to New York due to the amount of guns available in New York as opposed to Georgia.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately responded by sending the entire U.S. Army to New York State. All 3005 troops will hold Long Island. The 27 U.S. Marines will hold the city and the Coast Guard's 3 cutters will patrol Lake Erie. The United State Navy will deploy the entire United States Fleet Forces Command (on aircraft carrier, one destroyer and 3 tug boats) will keep the rest of the East Coast safe. The U.S. Air Force's 2 Piper Cubs and 3 Cesna's will patrol the Hudson Valley.'"Thankfully, we have the Civil Air Patrol to rely on. They have more planes at the moment,' stated USAF General Tom Flight.

    President Obama has left for Hawaii stating, "I'm native Hawaiian, Don't hurt me and I'll let Hawaii have it's independence before I leave office! Viva La Liberation!"
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    I understand the need for a draw down, however this is a dramatic reduction in active duty personnel. The Army is still fighting a war in Afghanistan, although its not necessarily in combat roles, they still do get shelled and have insurgents attack the hescos. In addition to the reduction in personnel, they want to limit or eliminate a military pension and further reduce pay and benefits. Nice way to fuck those that serve for pennies on the front line.
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