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Oct 3 Under the Headset- Surviving Dispatcher Stress
East Hartford, CT East Hartford PD $115 (Includes Lunch)
(800) 348-8911

Oct 7 Under the Headset- Surviving Dispatcher Stress
East Hartford, CT East Hartford PD $115 (Includes Lunch)
(800) 348-8911

"Under The Headset: Surviving Dispatcher Stress

-Learn the dynamics of the stress responses 911 professionals encounter

-Understand acute and delayed reactions to post-traumatic stress

-Develop skills to actively empower yourself and CO-workers to cope with stress

-Utilize innovative tools to facilitate the recovery process after work related or personal stressors

Class Topics: Students will be guided through day of lecture, discussion and exercises to understand and recognize a variety of stress types. Cumulative, occupational and critical incident stress will all be addressed. A variety of coping techniques will be introduced and demonstrated. Critical Incident Stress De-briefing (CISD) and stress management (CISM) programs will be explained. This is a real-life view of 911 stress!

Calltakers and Dispatchers need stress management, as do first responders. Dispatchers envision each call they take from the public and often don't have an outlet for those images. They deserve a day of honest discussion and education. Our instructors are subject matter experts and know real-life coping tools. This class will make a difference in your dispatchers personal and professional lives for coping with all varieties of stress.

Evaluations: This class has been taught to over 1,000 Dispatch Professionals with outstanding reviews. Here are samplings of comments made:

"For once, I feel appreciated for the work I do"

"This course will help every aspect of my life"

"Dispatchers everywhere should attend this class"

"This was my chance to realize that I'm not alone"

"It validated emotions I have experienced"

"I can't believe what I discovered today, you literally saved my life today",

"Knowledge I can share, thanks"

Target Audience: Any Public Safety Dispatcher, Training Dispatcher or Lead Dispatcher will benefit from this course. We also tailor this class to meet your specific agency needs. We also tailor this class for any emergency services group. We have vast experience with police, fire, EMS, military groups and private public safety groups.
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