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Unbreakable headlock

A Chinese man had to ask firefighters for help after his neck was "locked" by his friends during a drunken night out.

The man from Rong town, Yulin, woke up the following morning with a heavy duty anti-theft cycle lock around his neck.

"It must be a joke my friends played on me," said the man, adding that he called his friends, but their phones were all turned off.

To avoid being late for work, he drove his motorbike to the local fire station and asked for help, reports China Broadcast Network.

Firefighters decided to use a hydraulic shear to release the man.

"One man held the lock stable, another cut it off, and the third man protected his neck," said a spokesman for the fire station.

The lock was off in less than five minutes. The man thanked the firefighters and said he would have words with his friends after work.
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