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Two men were arrested after a dramatic chase in which a shot was fired at unarmed police officers.

Neither police officer was hurt in the shooting

A handgun was recovered in the car park of a south London pub after the gunman was tackled to the ground.
The drama began in Tulse Hill when three uniformed officers, including a woman special officer, attempted to pull over a car.
The green Ford Focus sped off and following a short pursuit stopped in Abbess Close where the driver was arrested.
The passenger ran down an alleyway and a 27-year-old officer and the special gave chase on foot as they radioed for back-up.
As they closed in on the man he stopped, pulled a gun from his waistband and shot at the officers.
Neither officer was injured and they continued to give chase, eventually tackling the man outside the Tulse Hill Tavern.
Acting Lambeth borough commander Alistair Sutherland said: "The incident highlights the dangerous and unpredictable nature of the work officers do everyday.
"Thankfully the officers involved were not injured and after being shot at they have shown great bravery and dedication to continue to not only chase the suspect but also arrest him.
"Although we would rather it did not happen in these circumstances we have also of course managed to take another gun off the streets of London."
The shooting is the latest in a string of gun-related incidents to take place in the capital over the past few days.
Two men, one a passer-by, were injured in a shooting just a few miles away in Camberwell.

I nominate those cops for the "Brass Balls Award" for that one.

Unfortunately, sooner or later the British criminals are going to figure out that someone with a gun doesn't need to run away from people who are unarmed.
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