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UK mainland raise threat level in relation to Ireland

Discussion in 'Global News Coverage' started by Beal Feirste, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Beal Feirste

    Beal Feirste MassCops Member

    Britain has raised it's threat level of an attack by Irish Republicans on the mainland from 'moderate' to 'substantial'. English Home Secretary Theresa May is quoted as saying that she has been advised by the head of the English Security Services that an attack was a strong possibility.

    BBC News - Irish terror attack a 'strong possibility'

    Personally up until recently I thought that this would have been very unlikely as in my opinion the man power, logistical skill, cash flow and availability of explosives required was limited. There have been rumors locally though that certain 'experienced' individuals disgruntled with how Irish Republicanism's course in recent years has taken have allied themselves with so called dissident groups.

    BLUE BLOOD ...---...

    We have gone down this road before on this site, this is a Police web site. We all know there are assholes on both sides of this not just one side, and cop killers as well. Delta,others including me hashed this out in prior posts.
    Many of my friends are Irish and their people come over on a regular basis. The last thing they want to talk about is the troubles. In their own words, there are asses on both sides and they want to put this behind them. I am of Scottish decent and have two horses in this race.
    No offense inteded, but this is not an IRA or UDA web site, lets not use it as such.
    Only reason I comment is because I have noticed a few post recently with this trend leaning towards IRA or "The Real IRA".
    I won't comment further to prolong this anymore, though we put this to bed a while ago.
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  4. MSP75

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    Blue Blood, I think you are just mad because the Scots rolled over centuries ago, and the Irish still have a little fight in them. I do agree though, that the fight is fought in a way that has generations of honorable Christian soldiers rolling in their graves.

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  5. Beal Feirste

    Beal Feirste MassCops Member

    Well pardon me all to hell for posting an item of global news in the global news section.

    I also travel over on a regular basis and many of my friends are American. I'm asked quite regularly to talk about the 'Troubles'. Sometimes like your friends Blue Blood I would rather not talk about it either but I answer their questions as best I can as their only reason for asking is to better understand something that has been going on in another part of the world that the great American firewall censors their knowledge to.

    There are posts here that irk me but not for one minute would I say, Hey, you can't post that, I don't like it.

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