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(Las Vegas, Nevada) Two different suspects are being sought for robberies early Thursday morning.
Shortly after midnight, the Wildfire Casino on North Rancho Road was robbed of $10,000 by a gun-toting man who threatened a clerk, police said.

Then, about 4 a.m., a man walked up to a Fitzgerald's hotel and casino cage cashier in downtown Las Vegas, handed the clerk a note and walked out with $5,300 in cash, police said.​
Jeez, seems so simple. Just walk in and say "Give me some money!" and leave with thousands.

What a great city!

Of course, if the two perpetrators are caught by law enforcers, they'll have to be counseled and rehabilitated while doing a number of years of community service at a state facility. On the other hand, if they are caught by representatives of the casino owners, they might completely avoid prosecution.
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