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Gunman Chased Victims, Police Say

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Two people were shot during an overnight robbery in New Haven, police said.

New Haven police said two men went to a late-night market on Grand and Filmore streets at about midnight Thursday to get food. They said the men were then robbed by two other men.

When the victims left the grocery store, police said the assailants, who had been parked across the street, tried to rob them at gunpoint.

One of the victims was shot in the arm three to four times.
Police said that the victims ran to their car and sped away, but that the gunmen followed, and at the intersection of Blathley and Chapley streets, shot through the rear of the victims' Ford Mustang.

The passenger was shot in the back of the head and was transported to Yale New Haven Hospital. He is listed in critical condition.

Police searched the area for clues Friday morning. They said they aren't sure whether the violence is part of a gang war going on in the city or a crime of opportunity, but are hoping newly installed security cameras will aid the investigation.

"They put some new cameras up this street in regards to other incidents we had in the past, so hopefully the detectives will get some footage from those," said Sgt. Chris Rubino.

Police described the gunmen as two black men, one of whom is heavy-set and wearing a red baseball hat. The men were driving a silver Mitsubishi Montero.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation is urged to contact the New Haven Police Department.
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