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By Jack Encarnacao
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Aug 29, 2008 @ 06:33 AM

Weymouth police arrested a Malden man who they say has a long history of drug possession after a two-month investigation.
Juan Ozoria, 26, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Greentree Apartment complex in South Weymouth after conducting what police said appeared to be a drug sale.
Ozoria posted bail and failed to appear in court the next day to face the charges. He's now wanted by police.
He is charged with possessing and distributing heroin and cocaine, both subsequent offenses, as well as a drug violation near a school and conspiracy to violate the drug laws.
Weymouth Police Sgt. Richard Fuller said Ozoria was carrying 13 bags of cocaine and has a history of drug dealing charges that go back six years.
"He's been seen all over the South Shore," Fuller said. "We have several cases against the guy already."
Ozoria was released from police custody Wednesday after someone posted a $2,500 cash bail for him.
Fuller said police were tracking Ozoria for several days before making the arrest, and had seen him make other apparent deals before making the arrest.
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